Secrets of Apple TV 4.1

Apple Online Store“Apple [has] released Apple TV Software Update 4.1, its first major upgrade to the new second-generation Apple TV, adding AirPlay video support and fixing a number of issues from the initial release,” Jesse David Hollington reports for iLounge. “The update weighs in at 280MB and should take no more than ten minutes to download and install, after which your Apple TV will restart with the new version.”

Hollington reports, “Ironically, the most significant new feature in this latest Apple TV update is something that doesn’t really appear anywhere new on the Apple TV menus or settings. Support for playing back video from iOS devices using AirPlay has been added, but it’s entirely under the hood.”

“Note that AirPlay audio streaming hasn’t changed from the previous version, and in fact hasn’t even really changed from the original first-generation Apple TV, back when the feature was known as AirTunes. The second-generation Apple TV can still be used as a remote speaker from iTunes and in fact continues to work fine even from older versions of iTunes,” Hollington reports. “What has changed is the addition of video support to AirPlay, which now allows video content to be streamed to the second-generation Apple TV from most iOS 4.2 devices and from iTunes 10.1.”

There’s much, much more in the full review – recommended – here.


  1. Well, I may need to get an NEW AppleTV to replace my old 1st generation AppleTV now. It is good to have a birthday and Christmas list starter item. Could use a wireless head set to go with that! They always want a list. If it has an Apple logo on it, it is a good choice!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. @MidWest Mac. Before the update, I was constantly being dropped off the wireless, just kinda blinked out, listening to the radio, after about 10 minutes it just dropped and went back to the home screen. Same problem trying to stream from my Macbook Pro. So far after the update, the problem seems to be fixed, at least so far.

  3. Finally picked one up last night at theApple store and removed the original one that has been running trouble free nonstop for almost three years. I wish we could get a software update for the old one but it’s likely not to happen. I’m gonna put it in the bedroom or the kids room. The new one is simple to set up as the old and Airplay rocks.

  4. @pi

    I just have all my movies on an ext hd connected to my airport, and add all the movies to my iTunes on my PowerMac and home sharing on.

    I can add any movie from any source, convert over to mp4, and all works fine.

    Similar to havin it directly plugged in to the atv.

    I still need to update my atv tonight… Comcast crapped out for last 2 days typical of them, snow falls and Internet dies. Happens every year with first snowfall 🙁

  5. I’m with Backlash, all of my 400 or so movies are on an ext. HD, that is connected to my network and added to iTunes. It works beautifully on AppleTV. I suppose it forces me to keep my computer on, but hey, it’s always on anyway.

    No audio issues.

  6. I was having problems with audio and video as well, but found a solution online. I unplugged the Apple TV, and my TV for 30 seconds, then plugged the TV back in again and turned it on. After TV is up, plugged the ATV back in and after it restarted, everything worked fine. Apparently there is some handshaking to/from the HDMI port.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I presume that the 4.1 download was the one that I did yesterday in order for Airplay to work? This remains a NoGo for me. I am extremely disappointed with the fact that the Codec issue has not been resolved or more importantly, allowed to continue. Not everyone in Apple Land has .mv4 movies, most of us still use .AVI or .Xvid and to alienate this sector of the population – ie. The majority of Mac and Apple owners just perplexes me.

    I am actually considering returning my AppleTV for a refund, since my original intention was to have this as the pinnacle of my living room experience. So disappointed.

  8. With iOS 4.2.1 and the 4.1 update to the ATV2, I have been using airplay to stream video from my iPad. The performance of video Airplay was excellent with no issues whatsoever. I share the opinion that the video streaming from iOS devices is one the best feature of all, yet not receiving as much publicity as the other features. The implementation is smooth and flawless. Now the iPad will be my main source of renting videos from the iTunes store. Ok, so not all of AirPrint was released, but this is better.

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