Printopia delivers ‘AirPrint’ for all

“When Steve Jobs announced AirPrint back on that day in early September excitement rang as iOS users finally got the ability to print from their device,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac. “Then as a few weeks passed and we learned that this was not the case. AirPrint only works on a few select HP printers… Well, that is where Printopia [US$9.95, free 7-day trial] comes in.”

“Printopia is by far the best piece of software you can get right now for your Mac if you have an AirPrint-capable iOS device,” Gurman reports. “In short, Printopia allows any iOS user with an AirPrint-capable device to print… The awesome thing about Printopia is that it not only works wirelessly to printers connected to your computer via USB but works on network printers too.”

Gurman reports, “Printopia is a fantastic piece of software which we strongly recommend for anyone who wants to AirPrint but does not have one of those fancy new AirPrint-capable printers.”

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  1. I think Paul Johnson may be right. I wouldn’t be surprised there was some legal wrinkle that prevented Apple from providing this desktop functionality for AirPrinting.

    Eventually, I’m sure Apple will sort it out and the functionality will be added to Mac OS X with one of the future updates. Meanwhile, Printopia will get a chance to make some nice holiday money with their stop-gap solution.

  2. At first when I Tried Printopia on the ipad it did not work. By deleting and reinstalling the printer on my Mac, it now works very well. The send to Mac feature is great as well.

  3. BEWARE!!!

    Printopia allows you to use any wireless printer on the same wireless network, but you still can’t print from a software that does not have a “Print” option box when you tap on the rectangle with curved arrow. So ar, I have found you can print any web page if using Safari, notes from Evernote and Mail and attachments. Don’t know if you can print if browsing

    You CANNOT–let me repeat–CANNOT print anything from Pages, Numbers or Keynote.

    There are two other print options–(“print”) send to Dropbox and send to your Mac. But only the software program has the print option built in. It can’t be used on i | Writer, Mac Journal or Max Journal.

    There is a 7-day Demo you can download to try it out. Setup can be frustrating and Glen in their CS department is rude and downright offensive much less helpful.

    Buy at your own risk.

  4. @RLB: You certainly can print from all three of the iOS iWork programs. This is a new feature in v1.3 of each app, so they need to be updated before the AirPrint option is there. I just tested printing a document from all three apps, and Printopia works flawlessly with them.

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