Scotland’s National Health Service: Apple iPhone 4, iPod touch best for clinical environment

Apple Store Canada“A new Scottish government sponsored report into the use of Apple mobile ‘idevices’ in the NHS says the iPhone 4 and the IPod Touch 16GB are best for the clinical environment,” Sarah Bruce reports for E-Health Insider.

“The report, commissioned by NHS Dumfries and Galloway and carried out on behalf of Atos Origin Alliance, addressed the potential use of the iPhone 4 16GB, iPhone Touch 8GB and 32Gb and iPad 3G 16GB in the NHS,” Bruce reports. “The board commissioned the work to support its plans to implement an iPhone application designed to provide access to its patient administration system to ensure information is available at the point of care.”

“It says that the operating systems on the idevices had supported disk encryption since the iPhone 3GS and that iPads, iPods larger than 8GB and the iPhone 4 models now include a hardware encryption accelerator,” Bruce reports. “However, the 8Gb iPod Touch does not support an encryption mechanism, meaning that data on the device could be accessible.”

Bruce reports, “It recommends that the most secure devices for running the Cortix that will link the devices to the board’s patient administration system, were the 32GB iPod touch and the iPhone 4. It added that ‘the iPad lagged some way behind in terms of software updates.'”

MacDailyNews Note: Not as of Monday:
• Apple releases iOS 4.2; ‘Find My iPhone’ (or iPad or iPod touch) now free – November 22, 2010
• iOS 4.2.1 Software Update contains over 100 new features for iPad; here’s the full list – November 22, 2010

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  1. National Health Service! But aren’t the Scottish peeps Taxed Enough Already?
    Over here in the living shrine to Ayn Rand, we have doctors dealing with a hodgepodge of paperwork, incompatible computers (mostly running some variant of Wondoze) that function as overpriced and underperforming word processors. All that “the market will bring the cream to the top” stuff is Bullshit.

    I know because I use the shit everyday. Wevhave went through multiple generations of this in the almost 25 years I have been dealing with it and have seen little advantage other than better networks & HW. The software sucks like a Dyson.

  2. Works for now, until Apple changes up.

    Apple isn’t a enterprise solution company, rather a consumer products company.

    In other words, they change with the wind.

    A Apple solution may work for some time, but it’s not going to be there in favor of the larger consumer market forces.

    Just look at the X-Raid and the X-Server. Gone. Poof. Disappeared.

  3. Gee, that iPhone 4, with its reception problems, must be causing the death of patients daily, or the use of the iPhone 4 in the most mission critical environment, gives the lie to the iPhone 4’s allege reception problems, and the only thing that is dying is that calumny that Apple’s competitors in the smartphone market and certain tech journals and journalist uttered against the iPhone 4.

  4. @ Bunches of Munches RE: “Apple isn’t a enterprise solution company, rather a consumer products company. In other words, they change with the wind.”

    Apple doesn’t change with the wind.. all of these great advancements in technology Apple has created were planned by Apple. The only companies “changing in the wind” are Apple’s competitors flailing to copy them even dismally.

    Apple’s iOS is better than Android in this regard no matter how you look at it.. How many versions of that OS / phone are out there that can’t use the same software? Can you count that high Bunch?

    You misrepresent Apple as only a consumer products company which is far from fact. Seems easy for you to forget Apple’s professional desktops. Also easily forgotten (for you) is the professional software that comes from both Apple and third party developers.

    Every time I hear you speak I notice you are one sided and lacking of any true substance Bunches of Munches. I am wondering what ties you have with other tech companies because of this. You troll and misinform very well…

    Everyone keep this in mind when you listen to Bunches of Munches drivel. Apple has the best operating system for portable computers (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc) no matter what FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) others try to feed you.

    If you have a business, you never go wrong buying Apple product (i.e. You never go wrong buying into the best technology that is available.)

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