Analyst: iPad could see holiday rush orders by next week

Apple Online Store“Despite the tablet market getting crowded by each day, the demand for iPad continues to surge, and we could see rush orders as early as next week, an analyst with Jefferies said,” Manikandan Raman reports for IBTimes.

MacDailyNews Take: Crowded with dreadful junk and loaded with half-baked/not ready for tablet time OSes. It’s no wonder demand for Apple’s revolutionary iPad continues to surge.

“‘Our checks indicate that the supply chain for the iPad has been prepped for rush orders as inventory levels are deemed too low by retailers. Finally, our checks indicate sell-through remains good,’ analyst Peter Misek wrote in a note to clients,” Raman reports.

“Hon Hai, which assembles products for large U.S. companies including Apple and Dell, recently began production of about 10,000 iPads a day at its new plants in Chengdu in central China. The eventual annual maximum capacity at Chengdu is 40 million units a year. Meanwhile, Hon Hai’s Senzhen plants can produce 30 million units per year, according to DigiTimes,” Raman reports. “Misek expects Apple to ship 40 million iPads in calendar 2011.”

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  1. IF you wait till after the holidays you’ll realise these benefits:

    1: iPad v2, possibly dual core with camera, with all new features that will make your iPad v1 look pale in comparison.

    2: A settling of the Android tablet market with more options, SIZES and Flash capabilities.

    3: Possibly a 7″ or so iPad version which would be a lot less heavy than the iPad v1 version.

    A “pad” really can’t do too much because of it’s weak processor compared to a full computer, but the trend is going towards combining every portable gadget feature you can own into a pad device, much like what occurred with the iPhone.

    If you got hundreds of dollars to blow then by all means buy a iPad, but if your counting on making that hundreds of dollar investment last a few years, then wait until after the holidays.

    That’s my advice anyway, take it as you will and the trolls will flame regardless.

  2. iPad, bitch!

    Remember when the analysts were predicting annual sales of one to two million? I wish I could be spectacularly bad at my job and still get paid. MDN, how about a few iCal’d gems from the dunce cap wearers?

  3. “… 40 million iPads in calendar 2011.” Isn’t that how many Zune mp3 players Microsoft was going to be selling by now?!

    To this day, I have never seen one any where in my life. Did Microsoft really make the Zune? This will be the story of the iPad killers. I have seen only a few of non-Apple tablets in my life. One of my doctors has a pen based tablet he uses. Apple already owns this market in less than a year and the other box makers are trying to get in. Way to little and way late. The battles go on but the war is over boys!

  4. I saw the Samsung Galaxy for the first time the other day, and wasn’t impressed at all. It’s neither here nor there – too small to be useful as a tablet, too large to be among the smartphones. It’s the fat, clumsy kid in the phone universe (and not even a phone!), and the 90-pound inferiority-complexed weakling in the tablet world.

  5. B & M:

    And if you wait one more year, the iPad 3 will be even better. The tech industry has been like that for decades. You can either spend your money now, or hold onto it and spend it later. At any given time, you WILL get your money’s worth. And make no mistake, that iPad that you buy now will still be working three years from now. And if Apple’s track record with existing iOS devices is any indication, it will likely be able to use the latest iOS version.

    Since it is unlikely that anyone will be rendering 3D animations, or encoding a 2-hour movie into Blu-Ray AVC on an iPad, I doubt it will feel underpowered or slow.

    People buy their holiday gifts for the HOLIDAYS. Not for 15 of April, or 30 of June. There is a reason why ‘Black Friday’ makes up for 25-40% of the entire annual retail revenue. Few people may be stupid, but not that much of the American population (regardless of how much some people would believe that).

    So, rather than buying some sweater, a tie rack, or a day spa gift certificate, you really should get that iPad if that’s what they’re hoping for. No amount of rationalising it (“in three months they’ll have a new better model…!”) will ease their disappointment if they don’t get it.

  6. B&M, Predrag,

    Absolutely right – the waiting for ‘the next one’ is aka procrastination.

    Using this logic, a friend of mine waited 7 years – YEARS – before smacking down on an iMac!

    Mind you, he’s finally got a 27″ fantabuloso monster, but…

  7. The problem is most retailers dump their soon to be discontinued crap on the holiday market.

    This is fine for some items that are either not very expensive or last a really long time or something that does a limited function.

    Technology is a rapidly changing field, there are ALWAYS new devices with more features that soon appear just a month after the holidays.

    Apple is in rapid competition with everyone else in the market so they need to pile on the features to remain top dog.

    It wouldn’t be such a problem if the new tech was inexpensive, but with Apple’s stuff that’s not the case, it’s rather pricey.

    So if one can wait a month or so after the holidays, they can get the iPad v2 with all the new bells and whistles and get full enjoyment out of their hard earned money for the longest time before the iPad v3 arrives.

    It totally sucks buying v1, then a month after the holidays a v2 gets announced. Trust me.

    Apple gift certificates is the way to go. In a wrapped up used iPad v1 box if you got one.

  8. @Munches:

    As i just posted on another thread, I’ve been reading your posts for the past couple of weeks and have come to the conclusion that you are our latest MDN troll/astroturfer, and have absolutely no credibility.

    So, why in helll would I want you’re “opinion” on ANYTHING Mac related anyway? Just get the fsck OFF our board, crawl back under your bridge or Micro-turf, and leave us alone!


  9. B of M changes his/her name every 2 to 3 weeks and continues to annoy perpetually.

    You can tell how worried his/her overlords are by how stridently he urges iPad and iPhone purchasers to wait until his paymasters catch up to Apple before considering a purchase. Disguising it as a wait for the next generation from Apple is just a bullshit smokescreen.

  10. The only reason to wait for a product is if Apple hasn’t released it yet. My wife wanted a Kindle, but I pleaded with her to wait for the iPad. Can’t pry it out of her hands now. That being said, as a personal and business buyer of all things Apple since the early days, I’ve learned to buy it when you need it or want it, and don’t worry that in a few months there will be something faster/better/cheaper. Early adopters get the rewards they desire, and the benefits they seek.

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