RUMOR: iOS 4.3 due in December with app subscriptions

Apple Online Store“Apple is already at work on an iOS 4.3 update, which should appear in December, a source claims,” MacNN reports.

“The focus of the firmware is expected to be on in-app subscriptions, addressing a long-standing complaint with newspapers and magazines wanting to sell iPad content without charging on per-issue basis,” MacNN reports. “In particular, v4.3 may come shortly after a December 9th announcement of The Daily, a tablet-exclusive publication created by Fox and Wall Street Journal owner News Corp.”

The source suggests that v4.3 could go live on December 13th, and also include some general code maintenance,” MacNN reports. “The source adds that subscription support may be connected to Apple’s nearly-launched data center in Maiden, North Carolina.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Perhaps Apple could concentrate on getting iOS 4.2 right before embarking upon iOS 4.3. This update was ridiculous to say the least. Airprint is so limited that it works with almost no printers; AirPlay is so limited that it doesn’t even work with iPhone’s iMovie or display movies in the iPhone Photo Library, not to mention the continued limitation in Codecs; SMS tones are right out of Hollywood or from the mid 90’s without the ability to make your own.

    So much was promised with this update that I am so disappointed with it. Steve really talked this thing up during his last session and I walked right into the RDF. If this is the kind of thing that we are going to see because of Google’s competition, I will probably wait for iOS 4.5 and OSX 7.9 before upgrading again.

    I love Apple, but this is just sloppy.

  2. @rickw I wouldn’t call 4.2 it sloppy, but it’s a bit of a let down given the the way SJ talked it up. However, it’s free and adds features and updates (esp on the iPad) so no real complaints there. Airplay and Airprint are a big deal, just not yet for most users.

  3. They’d better fix the Orientation lock on the iPad, for 4.3.

    Which part does Apple not understand that I bought an iPad, because it’s an iPad and not a Giant iPod Touch.

    I don’t need a mute button, I need an Orientation Lock on the side… ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG…..

  4. @RickW
    “Perhaps Apple could concentrate on getting iOS 4.2 right before embarking upon iOS 4.3.”

    If and when Apple “fixes” 4.2 it will be a 4.3 or 4.4 release. They are not going to release a revised 4.2. So I say that they should be “embarking” like crazy on 4.3.

  5. Yes changing the function of the screen lock button was retarded. The volume button already mutes when you hold it for more than a second ! Freaking stupid.

    How about at least making it a setting so you can please those who are used to the way it worked before, and the whiners who are too lazy to use the volume button !

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