iOS 4.2 updates Mobile Safari: Accelerometer & gyroscope support, WebSockets, better HTML5 support

“iOS 4.2 is a free update for every iPhone, iPod or iPad device available now. This new release provides some major changes on HTML5 and W3C future standards support, like WebSockets and Accelerometer support, print support, new JavaScript data-types and better SVG support,” Maximiliano Firtman reports for Mobile Web Programming. “Apple didn’t update yet Safari documentation to reflect these new APIs. This information is based on JavaScript research and testing over Safari itself I’ve been doing.”

The list of new features I’ve detected are:
• Accelerometer and Gyroscope support through the DeviceOrientation API
• WebSockets API from HTML5
• Updated HTML5 Form Support
• Partial XHR-2 Support
• Print Support
• New JavaScript data types
• New DOM events
• Enhanced SVG and Canvas support

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. @Bunches of Munches
    You really are an asshole. Webkit is an open standard development published into the FOSS community by Apple which is adopted by, among others, MS for WP7 & Google for its Chrome browser on Android & desktop implementation. It’s certainly more secure than that piece of shit you have in your stinking Linux crapbook.

  2. Webkit is just insecure as Flash, more so really.

    Notice it’s all commercial companies using Webkit?

    Sucking off the free labor of others?

    Or is Apple or Google with their billions too cheap to hire some really skilled programmers?

    You know what? I can defeat a evercookie with Firefox but you can’t. Because Apple and Google want to know every dirty little secret fetish you have.

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