Six iPad features that notebooks should copy

Apple Online Store“Sales of the Apple iPad are booming. The recipe for the tablet’s success could contain some important lessons for laptop makers,” TechRepublic’s Jason Hiner writes over on ZDNet.

Hiner writes, “Laptop makers should also look at the factors behind the iPad’s popularity and consider how some of those characteristics could be incorporated into notebooks.”

Six iPad features that notebooks should copy:
1. Battery life
2. Instant-on
3. Centralised software
4. Simple user interface
5. Content consumption
6. Size matters

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Only one notebook maker has all six points covered already (or in the case of #3, soon will): Apple, of course.


  1. Netbook Recipe For Disaster:

    1. Shitty battery life, because you’re running MS’s shitty OS.
    2. Non-Instant on; actually it’s Windows famous 5-minute boot
    3. Shitty OS choices, with MS being the lesser of the evils.
    4. Windows XP interface is simple enough, but navigating Vista
    and Win 7 OSes is about as easy as Rocket Science!
    5. With small hard drives and shitty processors, consuming
    content on a netbook is like cutting off your arm.
    6. Netbooks are small but they POSes that run hot.

  2. Somehow jokes at the cost of someone’s misery (irrespective of their celebrity status) is just so low-brow not funny. Is it really indicative of the finer taste in life that we Apple fans are often so boastful of?

  3. but the 1,2 and 6 are benefits of the arm processor iPads uses

    3,4 and 5 they could never do because manufacturers are simply sheep stuffing Windows into whatever they make.

    with the exception of Acer which does have a couple of braincells that show up when stuffing linux in there instead but then again they are all relying on others to sort the software out for them

    they really expect to take on Apple with it? I think not

  4. I think that even Apple missed one key feature that iPads have. The ability to sync with a master. Think about it. iPad or MacBook Air. They are both small and light, but only one of those two things effortlessly sync with my iMac. If Apple built in a sync utility to keep your slave MacBook synced up with your master desktop, that would be a killer feature

  5. Lori;

    Yes, you can. Mobile Me let’s you sync everything but your home folder. Many of your settings, favorites, email, etc.

    Also, if you use the iDisk, your data can sync also. The only thing not covered are your pictures and music.

  6. rwhrens:

    My pictures and my music are precisely the things I want in sync. When I put music on one of my Macs, I always have to go through this convoluted song-and-dance process to make sure I put copies on all my three Macs. Same thing for pictures; I must make sure I take that SDHC card and offload it on EVERY SINGLE Mac of mine, otherwise I’ve got a mess.

    E-mail is actually the only thing i DON’T have to worry about. I use G-mail, access it via IMAP, so all my folders sync everywhere without issues. Same for bookmarks (I don’t use Windows, so no favourites…), which I move around using Delicius Safari.

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