Heart Rate Free app uses iPhone 4 camera to measure pulse rate

CMG Research Ltd today announced the release of Heart Rate Free 1.0, a new iPhone app that uses the iPhone’s camera to measure your heart rate. Simply place your finger over the camera lens and after a few seconds the app will display your pulse rate along with a chart showing you heart beat.

The application is available exclusively for iPhone4 devices and uses features from iOS 4 that provide direct access to the camera. The user’s heart rate is measured by examining the minute changes in skin colour that are caused by blood flowing in and out of the finger. The data extracted from this is then filtered and passed into a processing engine that detects the heart beats per minute.

Although the application is intended purely for fun and entertainment and is not designed for medical use, it does provide an accurate measure of the users instantaneous pulse.

Device Requirements:
• iPhone 4
• Requires iOS 4.1 or later
• 0.6 MB

Heart Rate Free 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


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