Steve Jobs: T.J. Maxx, Marshalls not authorized iPad resellers

iTunes & App Store“TJ Maxx is ‘not an authorized reseller’ of the iPad, an e-mail from Apple CEO Steve Jobs is quoted as saying,” MacNN reports. “The message comes in response to a person asking why a near $100 price difference exists between TJ Maxx’s iPads and those sold by Apple and other official vendors.”

“If authentic, Jobs’ comment raises the question of where TJ Maxx’s stock is coming from. It’s speculated that the units may be leftovers from a falling out between Apple and Costco,” MacNN reports. “Costco’s management is believed to be angry at being passed over for an iPad deal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We didn’t need iPads to question where some of TJ Maxx’s stock is coming from. Have you seen some of those shirts?


  1. Uh, so Apple had some sort of falling out between it and Costco, and thus thousands of iPads were just left sitting somewhere? I seriously doubt Costco would have received ANY iPads until a reseller agreement was in place, and then if there was some sort of dispute, Apple would take back the units and/or Costco would be prohibited from selling them to anyone else. There’s something fishy about this story.

  2. this is not hard to figure out. they are using them as a loss leader. They are willing to lose a $100 if it means trapping you in their store on black friday, instead of somewhere else. While there people will buy other stuff and they make big profits on those clothes they get from other stores.

  3. @ MidWest Mac
    Exactly why would you buy something for 100+ more than something you could be buying

    But personally I think this is just a way for apple to make more money and TJ Max only did this for money as well. Probably not considering this would happen. I think this is good for apple. They have taken shiiot for years for many different reasons. Seeing them finally step up, is also a step forward!

  4. Mistery solved: when iPad came along people bought any iPad available in store cause they wanted the product. When apple could satisfy the demand some models became top sellers and others stay in shelves. These r the products being move to tj max so that stores can have the real top sellers for the holidays.

  5. Since I don’t have an iPad yet… (waiting for the camera for facetime)
    So tempted to run up to Tj maxx tonight, grab one for $400 and sell it when iPad 2 is released.
    Sell it for $400 ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    So tempted…..

    Lol MDN magic word “plan”

  6. From what I’ve been reading elsewhere this isn’t particularly a Black Friday deal. Some reports are stating that some stores are already sold out.

    I have to wonder just what the “falling out” between Costco and Apple is about. Especially if Costco is dropping iPods and iTunes cards are true.

    Even though Costco is similar to Apple in that it has very direct and driven, personality-type head honcho running the company, Costco has never struck me as a capriciously run company. Maybe it’s just a clash of corporate personalities.

    It’s too bad as I prefer shopping at Costco. I’ve always wondered why I could hardly ever find Macs there.

  7. @ Backlash

    If it’s not “official,” then very few (if any) TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores are going to have this deal, and there are A LOT of those stores everywhere.

    I think it was a clever marketing ploy. Apple “unofficially” gives TJ Maxx a small number of iPads to sell for $399, to get some free publicity and to get people to think about getting one if the price was $399. Once those potential customers realize it’s not really available for $399, having considered getting one, many of them with be willing to buy one for $499. The whole point is get the “idea” of buying an iPad into the minds of more people.

    And you can REALLY get one at the halfway point, at $449. Apple Certified Refurbished (with “brand new battery and other shell”)…

  8. Called my local TJ Maxx, they confirmed the Durham NC store had some, but was the only store to get any and they were all sold out. So it seems it is true, which leads us back to the original question of where the stock came from.

  9. I didn’t see the “select stores” part…
    So odds are 1-2 stores are selling them cheaper. I’ll still check it out anyway tonight.

    As for refurbished iPad… No way in hell I’d buy one.
    Not because of apple, because of my state. I have to guarantee the refurb computer for 30 days. Yes… Even a private citizen selling it.

    If it has that refurb tag on it… It’s poison in my state.

  10. @ Backlash

    That law in your state (or your interpretation of it) seems ridiculous. Once you take ownership of a “refurbished” item, it is no longer in refurbished condition. It is USED, unless you plan to keep it unopened until iPad 2.0 is released. Was your plan to buy one now for $400 and not even use it, then sell it for $400?

    Also, Apple provides the same one-year warranty on refurbs. If you re-sold an iPad bought today some time early next year, Apple’s warranty should still be in effect.

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