European carriers threaten Apple over built-in Sim cards

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!“Some of Europe’s leading mobile operators are warning that they could take punitive action against Apple if it introduces a technological innovation on its iPhone,” Andrew Parker reports for The Financial Times.

“The operators are privately saying they could refuse to subsidise the iPhone if Apple inserts an embedded subscriber identity module, or Sim card,” Parker reports. “The operators are accusing Apple of trying to gain control of their relationship with their mobile customers with the new Sim. The technology could allow customers to buy the iPhone and sign up for service on Apple’s website and start using it immediately.”

Parker reports, “Closer to the operators’ hearts, it could allow customers to switch more easily from one to another or insist on shorter-term contracts. It could even set the stage for Apple to resell connection service on its own, although the company has not indicated such plans.”

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  1. I love how Apple wrestles control away from the establishment to put the power in the hands of the people. Go Apple! The carriers can kick and scream all they want, but if they don’t accept progress and figure out how to adapt to new market conditions due to innovation, then they can’t die soon enough.

  2. If and when Apple considers implementing this, they will be ready and prepared to undertake carrier substitution and control to the fullest extent. Apple’s days of being dependent on the whims and incompetence of others are over. Apple will do what it believes is in it’s and it’s users’ best interest.

  3. “The operators are privately saying they could refuse to subsidise the iPhone if Apple inserts an embedded subscriber identity module, or Sim card…”

    As Br’er Rabbit said, “Don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

  4. Why don’t they refuse to subsidize anyway? Europe is always complaining about US farm subsidies whilst turning a blind eye to subsidies to their own farmers.
    This could be the beginning of a true market economy where people buy into products and services without being tied to skewed contracts that favor the vendor.

    If they go ahead with their threat, they will end up as they truly should be, dumb pipes charging for volume carriage only. Charges being levied to the phone manufacturer’s who in turn passes the cost break down to individuals.

  5. What about easy potability of the SIM card to another phone. We will loose that ability by not having it removable. So if your iPhone broke, you can just get a new one and plug in your SIM card and keep going. By doing this, we will have to go through the whole process of porting the numbers to a new phone. It does give the ability to switch carriers, which I guess is wanted more by customers than switching phones and staying with the same carrier. But every 2-3 years when everyone usually gets a new phone, its going to be a pain.

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