Apple iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken prior to public release

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac“Hackers seem to always get their hands on the good stuff first, and this has included the latest third ‘gold master’ now dubbed iOS 4.2.1 to reflect fixed bugs, but no fix for the good ol’ jailbreak!” Alex Zaharov-Reutt reports for iTWire.

“According to the jailbreakers, Apple can’t fix the loophole they’ve found in the current iPhone 4 until they release an iPhone 5 with new hardware, and already the first reports of iOS 4.2.1 already being jailbroken have arrived,” Zaharov-Reutt reports. “The people behind Cydia, which is the most popular unauthorised ‘app store,’ also say their software is iOS 4.2.1 ready, just as many legitimate software developers have also done, testing their software on the SDK and on iPhone 4 and 3GS models loaded up with beta or near final 4.2 / 4.2.1 code.”

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  1. I remember the years of good old rock solid Apple security.

    Guess the “security through obscurity” wasn’t a myth after all and Apple is no better than Microsoft concerning their ability to deliver a rock solid operating system of their own accord.

    The only thing Apple did right was incorporate BSD Unix as OS X’s core, of course that don’t mean squat if Webkit is insecure or sand boxed like it should be.

  2. Stop comparing jailbreakers to the Mafia.

    Just because I choose to modify my hardware does not automatically make me a criminal.

    I do nothing illegal with my jailbroken phone.

  3. @ TheConfuzed1

    Fear not TheConfuzed1, you are not a criminal. Quite the opposite. You are a FREEDOM fighter. I applaud your jail breaking your iPhone. Anyone who fights back against Apple’s tyranny is a FREEDOM fighter in my book. Well don Sir, well done.

  4. Jailbreakers take advantage of a security flaw present in the ios device to enable the jailbreak to happen. There are quite a few of these exploits available and it could just as well be used for evil by someone to install malicious software on the ios devices

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