Buh-bye iOS 4.2? Apple seeds developers with iOS 4.2.1 gold master

“A few minutes ago Apple posted a new GM seed in the iOS Developer Center. The build shows that it’s a GM seed for iOS 4.2.1, with build number 8C148,” Federico Viticci reports for MacStories.

“A reliable source informed us that Apple released this build internally last night, and it’s aimed at fixing major Exchange and audio issues,” Viticci reports. “Our source also tells us Apple might just release iOS 4.2.1 to the public next week — thus skipping iOS 4.2 altogether. We don’t know for sure yet.”

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  1. Chrissy: Not actually a broken promise. We were promised iOS 4.2 in November, and it’s still November. If it’s 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 is really irrelevant. I believe it’s possible for Apple to release 4.2.1 in November, thereby both meeting its promise to deliver this month AND delivering a very stable build. Certainly it’s in everyone’s best interests to wait till the end of the month for more stability. This is meeting both the promise of delivery and the inherent promise that Apple has with its customers to release the most stellar and stable product possible.

  2. Stop it with the excuses. “Ohhh, it’s still November.”

    Yeah, and November was late as hell in and of itself, especially for iPad users!

    I doubt Apple meant the last day of November with that approximation. 4.2 was obviously due for release sometime last week and continues to suffer setbacks.

    Apple needs to get their shit together. This is becoming an embarrassment.

  3. Are we saying that iOS 4.2 will NOT be out tomorrow?

    Don’t they like to have the GM in the developers hands for at least a week before general release? I would seriously doubt a release of iOS 4.2.1 for next week, as it’s a short week with the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    I’d say if we don’t see iOS 4.2 tomorrow, we aren’t going to see anything until the week of 11/29.

  4. I’m using 4.2 (I got it from a Bay, off a Pirate). It’s pretty good but I have noticed some strange audio bugs.

    I’m just glad  are around. I mean, can you imagine if all we have was Micro$oft?

  5. R2 – I’m as anxious as others for the iPad update but I don’t recall an actual November date being given.

    November late? For me it came after October 31st just like always. Do you berate everybody you come across that is late in any way?

    Oh wait, you were being funny? Sorry I was late realizing that.

  6. Told you………..

    I am rather glad they’d rather wait than release garbage. “A+” for being proactive, but “F” for timing………… Please announce releases to come later than actually planned….that way we’re happy when it comes early but not disappointed when it comes late.

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