The Top Wireless Turkeys of 2010

“It’s that time of year again: Families will soon gather for turkey, stuffing and a big side of football, and the Fierce editorial team is thinking of turkeys. In our third-annual review (see the 2008 and 2009 lists) we decided to take a look back at the companies, products and strategies that fell short–and in some cases, simply imploded,” Phil Goldstein writes for FierceWireless. “This is our list of the top wireless turkeys of 2010–the products, ideas and business strategies that either failed to meet expectations or were so poorly executed that they flopped with the consumer.”

Top Wireless Turkeys of 2010:
(Ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 turkeys, with 5 being the biggest calamity)

• Google Nexus One (3 turkeys)
• Net neutrality (3.5 turkeys)
• Garmin-Asus (4 turkeys)
• Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus, and Palm as an independent company (4 turkeys)
• Cox Communications’ wireless service (4 turkeys)
• FLO TV (4 turkeys)
• Symbian (4.5 turkeys)
• Microsoft’s Kin phones (5 turkeys)

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  1. Kiss my grits! That’s a blast from the past! We need Mo Flo!

    The Kin at the top of the list is not a surprise to me; something must have been seriously wrong with it for Microsoft to have pulled it as fast as they did, even while in the middle of an expensive ad campaign. How many more turkeys like this can Microsoft pour money in to??

  2. “• Net neutrality (3.5 turkeys)”

    Could someone explain this non sequitur to me?

    – Net Neutrality has WHAT to do with ‘wireless’?
    – Did Net Neutrality die and no one told me about it?
    – Is democracy over? Did the Corporate Oligarchy crown King Rupert of News Corp? When do we start paying Internet usage taxes to our corporate overlords?

  3. That’s a pretty accurate list if you ask me.

    Kin, had to be on top with a shelf life of a week maybe. How many millions was that per minute of actual shelf time? Has to go down as one of the greatest bomb’s of all time.

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