Oprah Magazine arrives on iPad

“Publisher Hearst has brought Oprah Magazine to the iPad. Although no subscription options are available due to a lack of Apple support, each issue costs $4, slightly less than an equivalent print edition,” MacNN reports.

“Enhancements include videos, sharing features and a bookstore, the latter of which lets people read samples and buy e-books, which are read outside of the Oprah app,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “Hearst is presently said to be working on 22 different apps. All 14 of its magazines are on the iPad in one form or another, though some are not dedicated apps but rather replicas of their print copies, accessed through a third-party app, Zinio.”

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  1. ajdowntown, I agree. Neither kept the Apple stock from being pushed down with the rest. Steve Jobs is big into music and music was a major part of Apple’s cash flow. Things change. Devices switch and lead Apple in new directions.

    If they had done a live new release about this from inside the operational BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM, it would have been something to take notice of.

    I am glad Steve is past the Beatles issue and can get back to what is more important to Apple and Apple’s stock.

  2. @Mac Daddy

    Well, since this is the last season of the Oprah Show, maybe The View is her next stop? That makes it convenient for me, to ignore them all at once anyways.

  3. Shouldn’t the digital version be a better deal than “slightly less than the equivalent print edition?” iTunes is a 30% cut instead of 50% with print retailers, no tree killing, or binding, ink, trucking, etc. They would sell hugely more digital magazines if the price were more obviously cheaper.

  4. Next month Oprah will be telling us that she told Steve to put her favorite band on iTunes.

    And, we’ll get to watch her incorrectly mouth the words to “Their gonna put me in the movies”, when she forces Ringo — her favorite Beatle — to be on her show. And, by favorite I mean, she couldn’t afford Paul.

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