Besides The Beatles, what else could Apple announce Tuesday?

“So Apple’s reportedly going to get the Beatles on iTunes,” Brian Caulfield blogs for Forbes. “Finally.”

So what else might Apple announce Tuesday at 10 a.m.? PiperJaffray’s Gene Munster argues Apple will, finally, launch its cloud-based iTunes services,” Caulfield reports. “The evidence: Apple’s Maiden, North Carolina data center should be nearly fully operational by now.”

Caulfield reports, “And between the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Macs, Munster writes Apple will want to link all these devices to a single server-based media service — especially its new Apple TV set top box.”

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Au contraire, Peter Kafka writes for AllThingsD, “I’ll be very surprised if it is music related–like a new music subscription service, or even one that lets you stream music you already own to multiple devices.”

“The music industry sources I’ve talked to so far today don’t know of any new deals between Apple and the big music labels,” Kafka reports. “So that would rule out a new subscription service, which would definitely require a new rights deal.”

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  1. Don’t be a horse’s ass. The Beatles are a unique property, so big and so unique that they make money like Mount McKinley makes its own weather.

    Maybe not YOUR money, Ass, but plenty of other peoples’ money.

  2. “If you care about them that much-you already have them.”

    True. I do, and I have.

    I’m not sure how much their stuff would really sell. OTOH, you never know.

    I think the big announcement is something else, though. Getting the Beatles on iTunes would be more of a “one more thing,” I think.

  3. 7 a.m. PST is when Apple unleashes its evil plan of world wide mind control when it finally succEEDS IN TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no, wait, they already did that.

  4. It’s MORE then owning the rights
    to the BEATLES on iTunes, finally !!!

    And it’s MORE then Steve Jobs giving away the
    entire music collection for FREE – for iPhone 4, iPad, AppleTV
    users !!!

    BECAUSE, it’s not just music but all the BEATLES VIDEOS and DOCUMENTARIES also !!!

    AND one last thing – Lucy IS IN the Sky with Diamonds and MUCH MUCH MORE things with NOTHING to DO with the BEATLES too !!!

    We all shall see – Hurray Apple !!!!

  5. If its the Beatles then thats silly of Apple to do so. Throw in The Ruttles and yeah, now your talking! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Their announcement is echoing a great tune by Madness, obviously it’s related to that band rather than Beatles. Maybe a special edition Madness iHat for ska enthusiasts? I’d never forget that.

  7. Beatles? Lame. Who gives a crap about them, and I am 43 years old. Maybe my parents? Not.

    It has to be something totally memorable, like Apple buying Dell or MSFT or Oracle. Or FB or Google.

    But having said that it won’t be the above. He can’t announce that stuff. It has to be approved. So it’s got to be a product or service.

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