AT&T says Windows Phone 7 fries memory cards

“Before the lineup of phones with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system debuted, there was much speculation over whether the new offerings would support memory cards,” Shan Li blogs for The Los Angeles TImes. “When the phones hit shelves last week, it turned out that at least one model, the Samsung Focus, had memory card support (unlike Apple iPhones).”

Li reports, “But the option could inspire more nightmares than joy, given that the Samsung phone appears to fry any card not “certified for the Windows Phone 7,” according to AT&T, one of the carriers of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. The only problem? No such cards exist, at least so far.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It would be difficult, if not impossible, for us to be less surprised.


  1. 80,000 Chicago Bear fans watch Minnesota Sunday on a beautiful sunny day. But not one iPhone was working because ATT can’t get their shit straight. It not a farm in Iowa is downtown Chicago. Put a truck with an antenna you knuckle heads. ATT stinks in NY and IL and WI and IN and FL…. I like the phone but when you cant use it well its just a brick.

  2. Hey, Ozy, didn’t we see this very same post in another thread earlier today? Man, get over it. (By the way, who are you blaming for the stadium power outage at the Giants/Cowboys game in New Jersey yesterday? Is that ATT and Apple’s fault TOO?)

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