Cisco hires Apple’s former, brief iPhone chief Mark Papermaster

“Cisco announced Friday that it has hired Mark Papermaster, the former Apple executive who headed up the company’s iPhone and iPod division before reportedly being ousted in August,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“After less than two years at Apple, Papermaster left his position at the Cupertino, Calif.-based iPhone maker. Apple announced his departure in August, but declined to say whether he left of his own accord or was asked to leave,” Ong reports. “With Apple having recently weathered the iPhone 4 antenna controversy, dubbed ‘Antennagate,’ pundits speculated that Papermaster had taken the blame for it.”

Ong reports, “However, sources told The Wall Street Journal that Papermaster’s departure came because of a ‘falling out’ with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. According to the report, Papermaster “had lost the confidence” of Jobs several months prior to his departure and was seen as incompatible with Apple’s corporate culture. The report also noted that Papermaster had joined Apple while Jobs was on sick leave and may have been ‘ill-prepared’ for Jobs’ return.”

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  1. Another instance of Jobsian megalomania firing people left, right & center. Has anyone asked why he was fired? There’s no proper explanation other than an insinuation that he might have been responsible for the antenna problems on the iPhone 4. Well let me just say that that issue was overblown by Android fanboy blogs. In my experience I never had a single dropped call. I think his removal was not thought through properly like a lot of recent Apple decisions dropping Xserve from its lineup.

  2. @Balllmer’s left nut,
    Of course Apple wouldn’t give a reason, but the most probable cause (based upon the quality of the sources reporting on it) was that Papermaster wasn’t as hands-on as Steve Jobs expects from people, even in his position. As CEO Steve Jobs is so hands-on that he picks all the songs in Apple’s TV commercials and every theme in Keynote (to name a few examples). He wanted Papermaster to be down in the phone labs and sitting down with the software engineers, but he was accustomed to the IBM culture of dictating from a corner office.

  3. I’m sorry I cannot agree with your contention. Shouldn’t Apple of all companies in the technology field be results oriented? Has the iPhone 4 disappointed you in any way? 14.3 million units sold in the last quarter is indeed an affirmation of its design & manufacturing qualities. Was Mark Papermaster not employed to oversee exactly this metric? Then I cannot see how he has failed aside from touchy feely subjectiveness such as overseeing the process from his corner office. Bad decision making at Apple yet again.

  4. Papermaster was of IBM vintage which is very corporate and very unlike Apple’s culture.

    He’ll probably fit in well with Cisco since they are more like Big Blue.

    Either way he is earning more than most of us here (except of course for B’s shivelled testicle, who after the recent stock sale announcement, will be able to afford daily brazilians to keep him as shiny as his head).

  5. Papermaster is use to hiring consultants to do the job.

    In Apple, none are available.. he would have had to find talent from within. Not that hard, he just couldn’t be bothered with it.

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