TIME Magazine’s ‘50 Best Inventions of 2010’ features Apple’s revolutionary iPad

Apple Online StoreTIME Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010 features Apple’s revolutionary iPad, of course:

“How does Apple keep out-inventing the rest of the tech industry? Often, it’s by reinventing a product category that its competitors have given up on,” Harrty McCracken writes for TIME Magazine.

“In theory, the iPad is merely a follow-up to such resoundingly unpopular slate-style computers as Microsoft’s Tablet PC,” McCracken writes (with a straight face? – MDN Ed.) “But Apple is the first company that designed finger-friendly hardware and software from scratch rather than stuffing a PC into a keyboardless case.”

McCracken writes, “When it calls the results ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary,’ it’s distorting reality only slightly. One analyst says the iPad is the fastest-selling nonphone gizmo in consumer-electronics history.”

The full list can be seen here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brian A.” for the heads up.]


  1. Look, despite my location, I loath Microsoft and really like Apple Mac’s.

    Unfortunately Apple has taken a dangerous detour lately that I can no longer recommend much of anything they make.

    The iPad? Really? It’s a child’s toy with a restricted apps.

    Now Apple is walling up OS X on Mac’s too with the MacAppStore.

    Hey, free choice comes with some consequences and opportunities for the smart folks out there to make some money. And smart folks need certain “tools” that Apple will not allow on the MacAppStore.

    Sure I recommended a Mac to people who didn’t want “virus issues” but still they needed geek services, AppleTV, iPods, backups etc., really can be complicated to the technology challenged.

    The iPad and iOS? That’s putting me out of a job for the mere two support calls I get a year from my Mac users.

    The iPad is killing regular computer sales as people just come to expect they have to live with a reduced device or worse, don’t know any better.

    At least with a full open computer people can come across new ways to use it and then hire a smart guy to get it to work.

    With the iOS that’s all gone. You are only allowed what Apple allows.

  2. Steve and Apple knew what did not work in the old devices. When the development group showed Steve Jobs the iPad screen’s hardware ability, he gave it to the GUI team to see what they could do with it. A few months later, Steve saw an interface that could be a great smart phone. The iPad was set to the side. The iPhone took hold for a few years and then the the A4 chip was finished. Now, the iPad was finished up and blew them all away.

    Then the AppleTV.

    Then the “Just one more thing” … coming sooner than you think!

    I just love a happy story. Don’t you Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, Dell, HP, …

  3. It’s going to be a wondeful Xmas for Apple.

    Off-topic – I dreamt last night that appl stock shot up by 60 points. Kinda bummed that it wasn’t true when I woke up this morning.

    Anyone else get dreams like that or should I just go to see a shrink now ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Hi Seattle WA Dude. The Mac and it’s OS X software is still there. Nothing changed. apps are like the free calculator you got with your PC. You never got a tech call about the calculator in the PC either. And the calculator never stopped developers from writing un-approved software for the Mac.

    If you though things would always be a PC box, you never watched enough Sci-Fi.

    “How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad… 23 years ago”

  5. @ Seattle Dude
    I see critical cogitation of the pros & cons of Apple’s walled garden approach is still alive & well. Thank you sir for pointing out Apple’s flaws. You would have thought that the Church of Apple lacked critical analysis of what is wrong with Apple’s ‘lack of choice’ for want of a better word. For example taking away a physical orientation lock on the iPad & iPhone was dumb beyond measure.

  6. @Seattle WA Dude

    If the Mac and iPad are “toys” then ALL computers are toys. I am so sick of morons throwing this put down off as if it were fact instead of their grand delusion, which is what it truly is. Annoyingly so. The iPad is incredibly usefu and youd know that if you used it for more than two minutesl, get over yourself. Most people I know, PC and Mac users alike, end of using their main computers a lot less once seduced by the ease and convenience of using an iPad.

    Also Microsft is a bit of a walled garden too, as is Google. People are in severe denial thinking otherwise. EVERY company would love to hold you “captive” but sometimes it’s a good thing if it keeps the platform more manageable and clean for users. Any kind of censorship shouldn’t be tolerated but we all get to vote on that with how we spend our money. Apple, so far, is doing a splendiferous job. Never in my wildest dreams would I put the same level of trust in either Microsoft or Google who seem easily corruptible.

  7. Is it me? Am I the only one that easily can recognize the iPad (and Square – thanks to Apple’s App Store) but as for the rest, never really heard of them, sorry Time, I must be living under a rock.

    I saw under the military category ‘Super Soaker’ and thought they brought back water boarding. Instead it’s a device to rid IED’s in Afghanistan which is also a good thing!

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