Apple’s iAd helping rivals by generating broader advertiser interest in mobile devices

“Apple Inc.’s iAd interactive mobile ad service is having an unintended impact on rivals: It’s largely helping their businesses by generating broader advertiser interest in mobile phones and gadgets,” Yukari Iwatani Kane and Emily Steel report for The Wall Street Journal.

“When Apple launched iAd last July, some industry executives worried that they would lose mobile advertising business to the Cupertino, Calif., company,” Kane and Steel report. “Competitive concerns were sparked after the July rollout of iAd included commitments from top brands such as Unilever PLC and Nissan Co. to pay $1 million or more to have interactive ads placed inside iPhone and IPod touch apps.”

Kane and Steel report, “But instead of losing business, ad executives say Apple’s entry into the market is giving them a boost. That’s because iAds has gotten big marketers to pay attention to mobile advertising in the first place.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. They are implying that the Ad agencies didn’t know smart phones existed until the iPhone showed the cell phone industry what a smartphone actually looked and operated like.

    I’m down with that.

  2. all mobile advertising sucks.

    if a consumer is paying a contract fee for access to a mobile telecommunications service, then why should he also have to waste his time with advertising? advertising is only appropriate to fund products that are offered at no cost to the consumer.

    Just saying the truth.

    Wake up, sheeple!!!

  3. Thanks to Apple’s iAds and their arcade policy of not allowing me to easily reinstall older versions, I’ve stopped upgrading my OS and apps as the only thing devs appear to be adding are banner ads that deprive me of a large segment of my screen, while serving to derail me for a significant time if I should happen to touch one by accident.

    I have already paid for my “free” apps by generous donation. I shouldn’t have to pay again to remove ads.

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