No mention of AirPrint in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6.5 release

“Apple on Wednesday released Mac OS X 10.6.5, the latest security and maintenance update for its Snow Leopard operating system, but documentation accompanying the release made no mention of AirPrint,” AppleInsider reports.

“Apple’s official documentation on Mac OS X 10.6.5 mentions a number of fixes and improvements,” AppleInsider reports. “But the latest version of Snow Leopard was also supposed to enable wireless printer sharing with devices running iOS 4.2.”

AppleInsider reports, “Rumors cropped up this week that Apple could delay that support. It was also expected to arrive for PC users with the forthcoming release of iTunes 10.1.”

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Dan Moren reports for Macworld, “One of the most significant and anticipated additions to iOS 4.2 (due this month) is AirPrint, a feature that enables wireless printing by iOS devices. But it’s starting to look like some aspects of AirPrint may not be operational when iOS 4.2 arrives.”

“Some reports suggest that Apple may have scaled back the capabilities of AirPrint, removing the ability for Macs and PCs to share their local printers with iOS devices,” Moren reports. “(Nobody is questioning the status of AirPrint’s ability to print directly to a limited number of HP printers, which apparently remains solid.)”

Moren reports, “Originally, Apple said that not only would the AirPrint feature allow users to print directly to compatible wireless printers to be offered from HP, but users would also be able to print to shared printers available on their Macs and PCs.”

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  1. Didn’t Me In LA say he was able to use printer sharing already? Printer sharing is already in OS X, seems to me that the iOS update could be all that’s needed? Or maybe an iTunes update, specifically since it will be required for Winblows machines to share?

    Comments from Me in LA……..????

  2. My mother-in-law is holding off on getting an iPad because she wants to be able to print emails from it, and my husband and I were planning to get her a wireless printer/copier for Christmas. Looks like we may want to hold off a bit…or I’ll see if I can talk her into a MacBook Air instead…

  3. What would 10.6.5 have anything to do with airprint? This is an iOS issue only. As long as you can share a printer on the network you will be able to print to it. People just want to start stupid rumors because they have nothing better to do.

  4. As I understood, they just cut the feature set on this Air Print PLUS, you need iTunes around …. seriously, this bugs me, bc I only carry my iPad with me.
    Digged around the App Store a bit and found this:

    Called Cortado Workplace. Somehow, it offers printing without installing sw on the computer. Its free so I give it a shot … and it gives me 1GB online storage which is pretty neat!

  5. My iMac, Mac mini, 2004 iBook, and 2002 Quick Silver are all connected to my Canon ink jet by way of my 2009 Airport Extreme, and all print via WiFi. I assume that the new Mac Book Air has WiFi capability? If you have a printer with WiFi of Bluetooth you should be able to use the printer without a router, if not I don’t understand how software world help?

  6. I see no issue. Wireless printer sharing has been a core system feature for some time now in Mac OS X. I have been using it for years. AirPrint only extends it to the iPad. This should not require any core OS X mods, only iOS mods.

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