FCC looking into Google Street View and potential U.S. federal law violations

“The Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether Google Inc. broke federal laws when its street-mapping service collected consumers’ personal information, joining a lengthy list of regulators and lawmakers probing what Google says was the inadvertent harvesting of private data sent over wireless networks,” Amy Schatz and Amir Efrati report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Key Republicans and Democrats in Congress have indicated that the privacy issues raised by Google’s Street View data collection could be a factor when lawmakers consider new Internet privacy legislation next year,” Schatz and Efrati report. “Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, a senior Republican lawmaker, suggested last week on C-SPAN that Google’s data collection wasn’t accidental and that it was “something to look at.'”

Schatz and Efrati report, “Regulators around the world and several U.S. state attorneys general are also investigating Google’s possible privacy breach. The regulators are looking into whether Google street-mapping teams collected and stored passwords, emails and other personal information collected from unprotected wireless Internet networks around the world.”

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  1. What so people driving down public streets is creepy?

    Now gleaning passwords and stuff, as you are doing it is something different.

    But pictures, old ones at that?

    Living a a paranoid existence courtesy of a dip stick like Dick Cheney is creepy.

    TSA feel ups and homeland insecurity measures isn’t creepy?

    Guess you’ll just have to save up and live on a private estate to feel secure that no one can see your abode.

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