Microsoft’s tepid Windows Phone ‘07 launch sees few buyers

“If Microsoft hopes to get back in the smartphone game, it had better hope that Windows Phone 7 makes a bigger impact than it appeared to be having at one AT&T store here,” Josh Lowensohn and Ina Fried report for CNET.

“As of midday Monday, the store had sold less than half of its supply of 20 devices,” Lowensohn and Fried report. “That’s not to say that folks weren’t lining up. Unfortunately, nearly all of the 200 people who showed up on Market Street this morning were there to snag tickets for a launch concert featuring Maroon 5, as opposed to getting their hands on one of the new phones. But only a small handful of those who lined up this morning ended up buying a phone.”

Lowensohn and Fried report, “The first Windows Phone 7 devices also went on sale at T-Mobile, though one could hardly tell by visiting the downtown San Francisco store… it had sold roughly 7 devices by noon.

“A key question remains how much push that the Windows Phones will get from the in-store sales staff at carrier stores,” Lowensohn and Fried report. “The AT&T store may have had several people there specifically to show off and sell the Windows phones, but the store’s exterior touted only the iPhone.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is this enough to cure Microsoft’s delusions of grandeur? Somehow we doubt it.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]


  1. Grigori,

    Learn how to read before posting. It’s pablum feeders like you, that are responsible for the mess we’re in today (Obama). Be discerning (at least a little bit) when consuming “news.”

    From your link:
    “Details are not available as to how many phones had been lined up for sale by T-Mobile on the first day.”

    Could have been 10 units, but it was probably 5.

  2. @ First 2010, Then 2012: Thanks; your Obama reference gave me my first good laugh of the morning. The blinders you conservatives put on. . . amazing. Not to mention that you turn to personal attacks when my original post made no aversive claims. That’s the approach the feeble-minded usually take.

    I’m not getting a WP7, nor do I know a soul who is, but that doesn’t change the fact that the phone is selling, sports a compelling interface that ISN’T a ripoff of iOS (unlike Android) and that the article linked by MDN is only one of many, albeit one that focuses on a store in San Francisco (you know, the “libtard’s Mecca”, to employ your own puerile attitude), an Apple hotspot; hardly surprising that it’s a dud there.

  3. Obama is not the greatest.

    I had hope and was let down. Of course, our choices were poor at best. Just another politician with the no real world common sense. This sweep was the reaction for not hearing your population- I think this make a lot rise there heads out of the feeding trough.

    We have the best idiots money can buy in our government- from the President down! The few that are honest never make it and those that do- should be flushed.

    Back to Mac…..

  4. I read you guys fighting the fight and wonder why you think it is worth it.

    Then I think of the mess that Great Britain has been left in by 13 years of a socialist Labour government and I remember why it is worth speaking up and fighting the fight!

    Windows Phone 7 is officially DOA.

  5. @lukeskymac: Interesting link there, lukeskymac; it seems to be confirming the information in the original article posted by MDN. . . almost word for word. . . oh, wait. . .

    Good job reposting the same link; NOT your finest moment, is it?

  6. My reliable sources in Asia (mainland China) told me that some of their biggest counterfeiters in China simply refuse to counterfeit any WP7.

    Why? Extremely low demand for the real WP7 simply does not justify the resources Chinese counterfeiters needed to create any fake WP7.

    When Chinese counterfeiters refuse to lay their eyes on your product, you know you got a serious problem!!

  7. WP 7 won’t do anything until it has apps. At least the interface looks like it is something different, which may appeal to some users, and will keep Microsoft from having to fight Apple in the IP courts.

    The amazing thing is that Microsoft actually got it shipping before Christmas . . . .

  8. I read an article yesterday talking about the WinMoPho 7 “supply shortage” that was going to restrict sales.

    Apparently, any supply is enough to sate the sub-rabid demand for these products.

    WinMoPho 7! Better sales than Zune!

  9. You guys just don’t get it.

    Absolutely every XBox lover will get an WP7 phone on the ASAP.

    Not only that, every Zune lover is probably already an owner of a WP7 phone.

    In addition, as I hear it, every Dell and Microsoft employee demanded that management buy them a WP7 phone.

    Now we hear that almost every cell phone outlet has sold right out of the 10 WP7 phones they were shipped.

    This has led to a Sold Out! massive first day that no one could have anticipated. It must approach 150,000 units on the first day!

    Sold Right Out! I tell you.

    Massive changes are being made in the cell phone sales pie charts as we speak.

  10. Number one, knock off the political stuff. MDN should ban any poster who gets into this whole Rep Vs Dem BS. Most of this come here for Microsoft bashing, not political rants.

    Number two, I can’t wait to go forward six months to a year to get a true picture of how the Windows phone stuff is doing. If sales are indeed mediocre just what the heck will MS do? It’ll be nice to see them squirm.

  11. We sold a buttload of Samsung Focus (Foci?) yesterday. Personally didn’t sell any HTC Surrounds. Not a huge crowd, but certainly more than showed up for the BB Torch. I hate MSFT as much as the next Apple fanboy, and I’ve owned all the iPhones, but the Winphone7 does not suck.

  12. The Winphone 7 hardware is first rate. Better than any of the Android dreck we’ve been getting.
    Yeah, I work for AT&T. Even the MSFT employees hated Winmo 6, and refused to buy those phones. They all bought iPhones. Had one tell me yesterday that she might consider upgrading her iPhone to a new Winphone 7. That’s saying something I guess, though all MSFTists get fully reimbursed on 7s.

  13. Not sure how you can have “low demand” after only being on sale for one day. But I work in Seattle, so our demand was expected to be the highest of anywhere outside the Redmond campus.

  14. WP7 isn’t going to take any iPhone market share. It’s going to have to duke it out with RIM and google for a tiny slice of their copycat dog-eat-dog market. I see a large advertising war looming with budgets massively overshadowing the R&D costs that otherwise could have helped fund a half decent and original new type of phone.

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