Verizon airs ‘Breakaway,’ first TV commercial for Apple’s revolutionary iPad (with video)

Verizon has begun airing “breakaway,” the company’s first TV commercial for Apple’s revolutionary iPad on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The spots’ tag states: “Introducing iPad… on Verizon. All the magic of iPad. All the nationwide power and reliability of Verizon.”

MacDailyNews Take: Precursor.


  1. Well, what about that Sprint commercial for an iPhone running on WiMax? Wouldn’t you think that would be more of a ‘precursor’ than an ad for a remotely related device?

    I saw this bit of news on Electronista and was wondering how soon will this be interpreted as another ‘sign’ that Verizon iPhone is imminent. Didn’t take long…

  2. Now if they could just do something about lowering my bill.

    . . . And maybe enable us to speak with another live person when we call for service.

    Has anyone noticed how service for landlines has become obnoxious? Do you think, perhaps, they are trying to discourage them? Shouldn’t we watch carefully if somehow legislation comes forward to take away the “utilities” designation for landlines?


  3. I think what is interesting is that Verizon is doing an ad – when was the last time AT&T did an ad for the iPhone or iPad? All the iPhone ads I have ever seen were done by Apple.

    I wonder if that was part of the contract… with either carrier.

  4. I don’t think Apple had contributed anything more than they contributed to the Sprint’s commercial for iPhone on WiMax some time ago. In other words, other than getting cleared by Apple’s legal team, I doubt that there was any further involvement. It is in Verizon’s own interest to make the ad look somewhat like Apple’s; why not ride the coat tails of the most successful marketing machine on the planet?

  5. …”All the iPhone ads I have ever seen were done by Apple.”

    Except for that Sprint commercial for the iPhone. They were actually advertising their WiMax hotspot device, but you could easily mistake it for an iPhone ad…

  6. The ad was fine, but here’s my real kudos for Verizon:

    I’ve owned an iPad since the day they came out. And back in August I bought that mifi device from Verizon. My plan was awful, but I paid it anyway — $39.95 for a meager 250 mb of data on a one-year contract.

    Then came the announcement of the “Verizon iPad” deal, which has MUCH cheaper data plans.

    Legally, I was stuck with my previous contract. But without any need for me to raise my voice, Verizon upped me to 3 gigs of data and dropped the price by five dollars.

    It’s still expensive, but when was the last time your carrier volunteered to give you 12 times the data for five dollars less?

  7. I’m pretty sure I read that the AT&T exclusivity contract stipulated that Apple would oversee all advertising. (In addition, one of the requirements is that AT&T could run iPhone ads as well as ads for other phones, but never mix an iPhone into a group phone ad.) I suspect a lot of this needs to drop away when the iPhone is no longer tied to one character.

    (Non-U.S. MDN readers: How do multiple carriers tend to advertise iPhone in Europe and elsewhere?)

  8. be branded on either the iPhone or the iPad. Same for AT&T.

    It does not follow that because they received e iPad, that they will get the iPhone 4 any time soon unless Apple does allow the development of the dual CDMA & GSM chips. I am not sure they would both fit into the smaller iPhone format. And, the MiFi 2200 that Verizon bundles is slow for those of us used to higher speeds with AT&T’s HSPA+, far faster than the 2200 is capable of.

    And besides, AT&T has better customer service than Verizon and both have areas when one’s signal strength is better than the other and vice versa. In Texas, AT&T is far better with faster 3G than Verizon.

    Also, who in their right mind would want a CDMA phone that does not work all ocher the world? It will be interesting if AT&T churn rate will be very high when Verizon does get the iPhone, which is obviously at some time. Hopefully it be when both carriers use LTE.

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