BMW launches iPad experience at major American auto shows

For the first time in the United States, BMW will launch an interactive and innovative iPad experience for Auto Show consumers, which will debut at the South Florida International Auto Show in Miami. The traditional Auto Shows Specification panel used to display vehicle information and pricing will be replaced by interactive iPads.

In addition to displaying technical specification and pricing, the iPad offers consumers enhanced functionality such as the opportunity to design their own BMW using the digital configurator. Consumers can experience the dynamic features of the displayed models with the iPad’s multimedia features, such as video content and photographs.

Auto Show consumers will have the opportunity to request additional details on the vehicle and can ask to be contacted directly by a local BMW center to schedule an appointment or test drive.

The iPad application has both English and Spanish language settings. The vehicle configurator allows consumers to explore the various color, wheel and interior options that are available for each model.

BMW’s iPad application differs from other luxury vehicles use of technology in that is customized for each vehicle. The iPads are located adjacent to each model, and there is one iPad per vehicle on the showroom floor.

Consumers can experience the iPad from November 5th through November 14th at the South Florida International Auto Show. BMW will roll out the iPad experience to other Auto Shows in North America.

Source: BMW Group USA


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  11. Yippee skippy – the an automaker’s web site vehicle configurator is now on iPad. Isn’t that special!

    So lazy would-be buyers won’t even do the single most important thing that everyone should before buying a car – DRIVE IT. Or is this for teenage brats who buy BMWs for the nameplate only?

    Let’s hope it’s not as big a pain in the a$$ as BMW’s iDrive.

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