Verizon iPhone 4 LTE (4G) photo leaked online?

“An anonymous source has just given us an interesting nugget: A photo of what looks like the Verizon iPhone,” Adriana Lee reports for “And that’s not all — check out the upper left corner. See what it says there? That’s right, ‘Verizon LTE.’ In other words, this looks like it could be a Verizon iPhone that supports the carrier’s 4G network.”

Lee reports, “Unlike previous fuzzy or out-of-focus leaked pics, this is an extremely clear image. But is it real? Well, we asked the tipster where the photo came from. He wouldn’t say specifically, but he did mention that the MacBook in the background belongs to a Verizon engineer in the Pacific Northwest region and that the handset is running iOS 4.2.”

More info and larger photo in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. How many false rumors does it take to stop the flow? One more than we’ve already had.

    If, I say IF, this photo is real (someone is going to lose their job) the LTE reference should be very telling.


  2. Yep, I too can gleam from looking at that sectional shot of a laptop that it definitely belongs to a Verizon engineer from the Pacific Northwest region, just North of I-90 in the Henry Jackson Wilderness area if I’m not mistaken…


    MDN Magic Word is the “F” in FUD!

  3. Ok anybody who is stupid enough to fall for this “leaked photo” needs serious help. Like the other guy said, ITS A JAILBROKEN IPHONE 4 WITH MAKEITMINE INSTALLED! Some people are really gullable about spoofs like these. I pulled the same prank with my iPod touch telling everybody I was a tester for the verizon iPhone LTE and people honestly beloved me! Anybody can do this and this guys iPhone in the pic is no different from my fake “verizon iPhone tester”.

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