British photographer David Sims shoots TV ads for next-gen iPad in NYC

“We hear that Apple was filming ads for its upcoming iPad 2 late last month at New York’s Pier 59 by British photographer David Sims,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“The iPads used in the shoot were all current generation models which will be swapped out with the new ones in post production,” Weintraub reports. “One of the participants told us that even though there weren’t any new products on the scene, everyone had to sign non-disclosure documents and security was tight.”

Full article, with some of David Sims’ photo and video work, here.


  1. I’ll be jumping on that on launch day! The first iPad was amazing, I can only imagine how much better it will get! Maybe a dual core or 2 Ghz A4? Front & Rear facing cameras to be sure. More options for wireless cell providers. T-Mobile I would hope!

  2. I am getting 4 Apple Gift cards each for the value of a 32GB 3G iPad to give as gifts for this Christmas. I expect the announcement for the next gen iPad this Jan. That means the value of the current gen will drop like a stone… right after the holiday season!

    I do not think I am the only one thinking like this! Do You?


  3. Weintraub is up to the same tricks to try and put a damper on sales. Why buy now, when newer version is around the corner.

    He’s just returning the favor that the rumors of the iPhone on Verizon have done to his beloved Amdroid.

  4. Cubert: Famously secretive Apple probably requires NDA’s for all photographers and subcontractors—no matter what they’re working on so I don’t see the logic that this has to be iPad 2.

    If I were Apple, I would make everyone sign an NDA even for existing products just to feed the mystique and give the new ads a P.R. boost when they’re released.

  5. And yes, the spelling”Amdroid” was intentional. After all, it’s a mostly American hit; it does less well in countries where the iPhone is available on multiple carriers.

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