Microsoft exec admits Apple’s revolutionary iPad is cannibalizing netbook market

Apple Online Store“I finally got someone at Microsoft to admit that tablets are cannibalizing netbooks, something research and financial firms have been starting to report in recent months,” Nick Eaton reports for “On Monday I spoke to Gavriella Schuster, general manager for Windows product management, about the “consumerization of IT” and Windows momentum with consumers and the enterprise.”

Eaton reports, “On a conference table in Building 37 of Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters, sitting in front of Schuster was a little, pink netbook.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gag.

Eaton continues, “So I pointed to Schuster’s netbook and asked about the recent trend. ‘These are definitely getting cannibalized,’ she said. ‘These are really a second device. But they are getting cannibalized.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iCal sez:
• The iPad has fewer capabilities than a netbook, in a similar size. Not a good start.Lee Gomes, Forbes, March 05, 2010
• The iPad will remain an expensive, niche device compared to all-purpose netbooks.Preston Gralla, PCWorld, March 30, 2010


  1. Have you noticed how many iPads are visible on television these days? They’re all over the news shows… Last night on criminal minds, each member of the cast was handed an iPad as part of the storyline.

  2. Thank you for confirming plus all the other good news!!!

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  3. @iAppleTennisU:-)
    Are you a stockbroker? I truly appreciate your enthusiasm for APPL – I am a buy and hold APPL person myself (unfortunately only a few hundred shares). But please stop pasting this same information in response to every MDN article. I am sure that you have more to contribute to the discussion.

  4. @theoloniusMac

    I saw that also. CSI is sporting them as well. Did you also note that the techie Garcia used the specific term “Facetime”, which is a registered trademark of Apple, instead of the generic video conference.

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