Oops, Steve Jobs did it again: Apple’s iPad will disrupt PC market by creating new usage model

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac A recent study by leading market research firm Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) finds that the tablet will displace many consumers’ secondary PCs, creating a third major device category for personal computing and connectivity. The study points to the success of Apple’s iPad as a demonstration that the consumer seeks quick, easy e-mail and Web access via a device that features more portability than a laptop PC while providing instant-on and more usability than a smartphone. Although laptop PCs will lose some ground to tablets, TBR believes the market will support all three device styles for computing and connectivity, including the laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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“The rise of tablets is a clear signal of consumers’ desire for different forms of information consumption. Tablet devices, such as the iPad, will shake up the personal computing ecosystem and the PC market,” said Ezra Gottheil, Senior Analyst at TBR, in the press release. “Tablets will displace sales of consumers’ secondary laptop PCs, while their primary PC will continue to maintain its role for tasks such as document creation, storing files, and editing photographs. The majority of consumers will still own a PC two or three years down the road, but they will increasingly leverage other devices for computing and web access needs.”

TBR’s iPad & Web Tablet Buyer Study surveyed 500 United States-based iPad owners and future buyers, who plan to purchase an iPad in the next six months. Key findings include:
• About a third of buyers replaced or will replace their PC with the iPad.
• Almost half of buyers use their iPad as their primary computing device.
• More than 80% of buyers stated the iPad met or exceeded expectations.

The TBR iPad & Web Tablet Buyer Study report documents the emergence of a third connectivity device in the consumer arsenal. The tablet category will be a vital piece of the computing ecosystem.

“The tablet device will rapidly establish itself as a powerful information consumption device in both the consumer and business markets,” said TBR President Jon Lindy in the press release. “All those in the computing ecosystem must keep the tablet in mind when putting together their strategies for 2011 and beyond.”

Survey data included:
• Respondent demographics and technology profiles
• Purchase criteria and purchase process
• Device usage and anticipated usage
• Satisfaction and desired improvements
• Attached purchases

Source: Technology Business Research, Inc.


  1. It is funny how they keep talking ‘tablet devices’ and ‘…such as Apple’s iPad’. You read that and you think there is this new category that is getting popular, and as an example of the category, they use Apple’s iPad, implying it is one of many devices from different manufacturers, when in fact, there is NO new category: there is a SINGLE new device, and it is called the iPad.

    Tablet computers have been around for almost ten years. Category is old, and is marginally existent. Our iPad is not a category, unless such category contains exactly ONE single device.

  2. As for the future of computing, by now, everyone knows what I think. Desktop OS (such as Mac OS X, Windows, etc) is going away, and iOS will replace it for good.

    Adobe and Microsoft will be dragged kicking and screaming into porting their flagship products (CS and Office, respectively) over to iOS, but the change is inevitable and is happening soon.

  3. The ergonomic benefits of a laptop and the new batch of dual core netbooks coming will rain on the iPads parade.

    The best thing Apple could do is make the next iPad with another optional half containing the hinge, keyboard, speakers, ports and the trackpad.

    Or simply split the MacBook Air in half and make a iOS / OS X hybrid.

  4. Gotta have both laptop & tablet if you are doing content creation, engineering, graphics in a serious manner, but most users are NOT serious CPU hogs.

    Hence, it is easy to see the FAST emergence of tablets which in the iPad is just decimating laptop sales (or should I be correct and say Wintel laptop sales, per the Best Buy CEOs comment).

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