Microsoft holds iPhone funeral procession to celebrate upcoming Windows Phone 7 release (w/ video)

“Microsoft workers celebrated the release to manufacturing of Windows Phone 7 last week by parading through their Redmond campus with iPhone and BlackBerry hearses,” Tom Warren reports for Neowin.

“Employees dressed up in fancy dress and also modified cars to include Windows Phone branding,” Warren reports. “Aside from the crazy outfits the workers made fake hearses for giant BlackBerry and iPhone devices. Employees cheekily claimed they had buried the competition with Windows Phone 7.”

Warren reports, “Windows Phone 7 is expected to be available in late October for those in Europe and November for those in the US.”

Full article, with more and larger photos, here.

And then they did this:

MacDailyNews Take: Unmitigated hubris from the perennially outclassed and hopelessly mismanaged. Par for the course.

Okay, TGIF! Hoist! May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!

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