Engadget reviews Apple’s new iPod touch: ‘A product without a peer’

Apple Online StoreApple’s new iPod touch “isn’t magical or revolutionary, or even unfamiliar,” Joshua Topolsky reports for Engadget. “What it is, however, is a product without a peer; a media player that does far more than media playing.”

Advertisement: Introducing the new iPod touch. Now with FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording and Game Center. From $229. Buy Now.

Besides the smaller screen real estate, the touch might be better compared to a tablet or netbook — it has many of the same functions (more, in some cases),” Topolsky reports. So you’re not just dropping $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB), or $399 (64GB, also, ouch) on a music and video player — you’re buying into a mini-computer, a video camera, and a game system all with a massive ecosystem.”

Topolsky reports, “If you’re already carrying around a smartphone with the above functions, maybe the iPod touch doesn’t make sense, but for the legions of buyers out there who have yet to make the jump (or are stuck with an outdated handset), this device’s appeal is hard to deny… With the addition of HD video shooting, the new Retina Display, and a faster A4 processor, the touch has just gone from ‘nice to have’ to nearly irresistible.”

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  1. What part of sold-out do these jokers not understand. If apple is having difficulty selling the product, then the survey may mean something.

    Why did munster just include a question on verizon sprint and tmobile combined is as big as verizon. Verizon must really be hurting and trying to find alternative routes to push apple into even hinting on a verizon deal to stop the bleeding. Regardless of what apple does, then next media placements will be about apple definitely releasing an iPhone in January based on analyses like munster. After that, Schumer and his I’ll will chime in. WS at it’s best.

    Verizon must be hurting and are trying to bamboozle apple. Verizon is definitely putting their ad dollars to work. How many more of this sophistic analyses will we have to bear with.

  2. @solid

    “Why does he say “64 GB, also, ouch”??”

    He’s reacting to the $400 price tag for an iPod. Oh how soon we forget the the original 5GB iPod was $399 also…

    Personally, as an iPad owner I have no trouble resisting an iPod touch…

  3. Because if you think about it. Most competitors can’t compete at that price, have all the assets, give it the superb quality by reputation and history, and make a huge profit. They can’t even sell a product and sell a separate SD card to get that much storage for that price and have it function the same.

    He says “ouch” because this really hurts the competition. They just can’t compete. Apple has taken this market with no major competition and the competition just doesn’t know to do. They can only offer 1 portion of what the touch offers and the touch hits a wide range target consumers.

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