Apple iPad, five months later: Still engaging, immersive and addictive

Apple Online Store“It’s not unusual, I suppose, for a six-month-old to attract attention in a coffee shop,” Wayne MacPhail reports for The Globe and Mail. “But, it never fails: I bring mine out, set it next to my latte and muffin and someone will double-take and ask, what’s that?

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“That is an iPad, a tablet computer from Apple. I’ve had it for a half year now,” MacPhail reports. “On April 3, I stood in line early in the morning at the Apple Store in the Buffalo Galleria along with hundreds of others — many of them Canadian — hoping to score one (or more) of the coveted devices.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, five months, Wayne, not six.

MacPhail reports, “It is impossible, unless you own one, to appreciate how engaging, immersive and addictive it can be. When you touch the news, pictures, games and characters the experience becomes as all-encompassing and joyful as finger painting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can’t imagine what we did before iPad. We assume we were poking at our tiny, pre-Retina display iPhone screens, pinching to zoom, constantly scrolling, etc., but we’d rather not think about it.


  1. For those that read my story on the Barnes & Noble nook a while back, an update:

    My mom got an iPad for her birthday last month, and doesn’t use the nook any more. (surprise >.<) Both my parents are addicted to the iPad. They came over the other day so I could show my mom how to use the Kindle app, and my father was playing Need for Speed on mine. I think it won’t be long before he gets one of his own. They are both completely computer-phobic but have no problem learning to use the iPad.

  2. I hardly touch my new Macbook Pro now, and sadly, I don’t use my iPhone 4 as much as my previous iPhones except when i’m out somewhere that I don’t happen to have my iPad nearby. Because it is 3G, I do usually bring it with me, because that is part of the magic, having the larger screen internet with you everywhere you go, but, often it is in the car, so if i’m in a store etc. I will use the iPhone, or if I need the camera, but the experience is not as enjoyable on the smaller screen now. You can only understand after using an iPad for awhile. Then you realize that iPad is not a big iPod touch, it is the way it was supposed to be, and the iPod touch and iPhone are a chopped down, compromised experience for the sake of mobility, and rightly so, but a less enjoyable experience just the same. What do you think?

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