Gartenberg: Google overshoots for input 1 on your TV while Apple TV smartly targets input 2

Apple Online Store“This week at what’s become Apple’s fall music event the company unveiled a revised Apple TV. The small $99 device delivers a new rental model and support for Netflix, but there are no apps, contrary to much of the speculation leading up the event,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Engadget. “That’s in stark contrast to the Google TV project announced at I/O last spring. Unlike Apple, Google is looking to provide DVR functionality, search, and an app marketplace. Some say Apple isn’t being bold enough, but I think Apple might be right.”

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“Google wants input one on your TV. Apple wants input two. The difference? Input one is where your cable box goes. Input two was where your VCR or DVD player used to live. It’s a port that’s up for grabs.”

“The DVD player is looking long in the tooth. The problem is that the TV experience has entrenched behaviors that won’t change soon, and Apple needs to educate the consumer,” Gartenberg writes. “Apple released the iPhone with no app marketplace at first to teach new ways of using a phone, and it’s doing the same with this Apple TV reset… With a base to show to developers Apple can then safely unveil an SDK and get the developer machine in gear…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, Gartenberg’s analysis is insightful and sound.


  1. That may be but I still want a Mac mini DVR to replace the cable DVR. All the technology is there and needs to be pulled into one system by Apple.

    At least give us a iOS HD Recording device. Like an old VCR. Pick the time, channel and how long. Also, what device formats will be streaming it. (HDTV, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch)

  2. If a Mac mini DVR I would buy 2 this year.

    If Apple made a iOS HD Recording device, I would buy 5 this year.

    It is time to take another market. We could even push up to Apple’s billion dollar server farm our media that we want for later on.

  3. Not sure why you don’t just buy the mini and connect an EyeTV DVR to it. It can record HD just fine. You then can have it exported in AppleTV format to iTunes, automatically, and use iTunes as your media organizer. Or you can set it up to use FrontRow.

  4. AppleTV nails it. Most of us don’t want to worry about recording, managing storage, etc. We just want to rent exactly the TV/moviemwe want, when we want it, for a reasonable and unbunddled price. Streaming content from our Macs and iOS mobilem devices to the TV is just extra goodness.

  5. I don’t understand why you would need a DVR, honestly. TV shows I watch only once, and if I can decide when they air, why should I record them. Movies I watch maybe twice, but at those rates no problem to pay twice – that’s actually a nice model: good movies you watch more often, so the companies get more money for good movies. My TV is not going anywhere means no 3G costs. So why recording? Please any of the members that postet above tell me, I just don’t get it…

  6. Ummm… Don’t you think apple is trying to get rid of you having to DVR everything and pay 99¢ to watch it commercial free? They get cut and studio makes money still. At the end of the day it’s still business and Apple is trying to numero uno by providing the medium between the consumer and producer of product (in this case studios).

    The average consumer doesn’t want massive amount of storage and manage it when it gets out of hand. They want simple seamless way of getting what they want.

    Trust me I know exactly what you are saying, I have mine set to do all that. But as the article says the cable companies locked down the boxes. That’s why they hate what the apple tv is going to be am lobby the studios from conforming with apple’s plan and foresight. Also why do you think you hear so much about bandwidth and data caps now, sure blame it piracy, they need a bad guy. But it’s really about finding a way to block services like apple.

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