Steve Jobs: ‘Onerous terms’ prevented iTunes Ping integration with FaceBook

Apple yesterday flipped the switch on “a new social network for music called Ping that Apple has integrated within iTunes 10 and which looks an awful lot like the experience you get on Facebook,” Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD.

“Facebook has noodled for years about creating its own social music offering, including doing a partnership with Lala, which was bought by Apple last year and shuttered in June,” Swisher reports. “But its efforts have largely gone nowhere.”

Swisher reports, “And Facebook is nowhere on Ping, either. Currently, there is no linking, sharing or participation of any kind with Facebook–or Twitter or MySpace–on Ping, which will work only on the iTunes software on computers, iPhones and iPods. When I asked Jobs about that, he said Apple had indeed held talks with Facebook about a variety of unspecified partnerships related to Ping, but the discussions went nowhere. The reason, according to Jobs: Facebook wanted ‘onerous terms that we could not agree to.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Ping. What an epic fail. I may not have the most modern tastes in music, but the fact it doesn’t even have David Bowie amongst its list of artists says it all. I guess it’s great if you’re into U2 and Lady GaGa and whatever other music Steve Jobs says you can like, but if your tastes differ slightly from his approved play list you may as well give up.

  2. @Reality Czech

    Does David Bowie even have Twitter? It may take some of the older artists a while to get on Ping. I could see a lot of young alternative bands (ones Jobs has never heard of) getting on right away but it will take time. It’s been out for a day.

  3. @ reality czech
    you’re right, itunes is not everything to everyone, if you still want to listen to phonograph records no digital music will be appealing, especially with the loss in audio detail that occurs through digital recording and then transmission which is usually lossy encodings, audiophiles are kind of left out of the new digital music age unless you like shiny sounding music, i love itunes for my headphones but as an audiophile with a big stereo, I do not like it

  4. Reality Czech: wow what an uninformed comment from someone with cool music taste. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    No, there are not a lot of good/interesting artists for you to follow … YET. I don’t know about Bowie per se, but time will bring lots of worthwhile artists to Ping.

    Bowie is well-represented if you’re a fan, however … you can manually choose one of his albums for your Top 10 spaces and connect with other users who list him as their favourites. Same was with virtually any other artist (Beatles notably excluded).

    There’s not a lot to do there … YET. But that’s the key word.

  5. I have little doubt that talks broke down with Facebook when the likely asked for access to tons of private information. Facebook in my opinion is evil. I spent a lot of time studying the legal EULA agreements with FAcebook, and carefully reviewed the methods used by their organization for users to attempt to manage their data. I have concluded that your privacy is of no concern to Mark Zuckerberg, and he has the sociopathic belief that he can help himself to any useful information about you for his benefit.

    Apple might not be perfect, but I believe that the company does care about our privacy, and jealously guards it from abuse.

    I hope the movie coming out about Facebook this year will lay bare how terrifying a person Mark Zuckerberg truly is, and peel away the Teflon coating that has protected him, along with fawning adoration by pundits and Wall $treet.

    I no longer belong to Facebook, and despite its popularity, I urge you to quit it as well for your own good. Do not trust Mark Zuckerberg. He has proven time and time again that he has a cavalier attitude towards protecting and respecting your privacy.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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