MarketWatch: Apple’s iTunes’ Ping could be powerful; Apple TV priced to move

“At an event that included new iPods and new features for the iPod touch, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said that Ping would be like “Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.” It will be a social network within iTunes that users can make as public or private as they want. It will be part of the new version of iTunes, iTunes 10,” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch.

Advertisement: The all-new Apple TV is just $99. You know you want one. Free shipping.

“While Ping is ostensibly just for music now, it is possible it could have an even farther-reaching impact on other music services and popular social networks like Facebook,” Poletti writes. “Apple is also clearly pricing its upgraded Apple TV to move, at $99 (down from $229), in a possible answer to the threat of Google Inc.’s TV. Its new compact device will let users watch content from their Macs, iPads and iPod Touch on their TVs. Consumers will also be able to rent TV shows and movies at new lower prices, initially only offered by Walt Disney Co.’s ABC network and News Corp.’s Fox.”

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  1. this is great for our family who got sick of paying comcast $100 per month. We mainly watch OTA. This appltv would let us also have an option to see shows and movies from other channels.

    Netflix option seems to be for people who want a subscription model. I may take another look at netflix now.

    i was disappointed appletv didnt have access to a bunch of apps, like google maps and stuff.

    for people who complain about price of renting HD movies. In my area the theatre charges over $10 to see a movie. I’d rather watch at home for $4.99

  2. I heard that Apple also announced the availability of iOS 4.1, as well as previewed some features of the upcoming iOS4.2. I don’t see a story on either here at MDN.

    If Apple announces something, and MDN doesn’t report it, did it really happen…?

  3. Brilliant. This completely bypasses the TV OEMs and of course the cable companies, while Google is trying to get them to install their “free” apps.

    At $99, people will buy one for every TV in the house and buy one for business presentations with their iPads.

  4. Love the new Apple TV, and iPad and iPhone interconnectivity. The only disappointment today came when Steve said that they redesigned every single iPod, and then didn’t touch or even mention the iPod classic. I was ready to upgrade my 5-yr-old classic to a 128gb Touch. I guess I’ll have to wait another year. 🙁

  5. I’m a little confused by the availability of iOS 4.1 for the iPad. Will it be coming soon and then the 4.2 update later in November? Or do we have to wait for 4.2 as the iPads first Version 4 update? I’m dying to use just the folders feature alone.

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