Microsoftian Google’s ‘open Internet’ proposal is attempt to monopolize a market

Apple Online Store“Back in prehistoric times, when Google was going public, its founders wrote in its stock registration statement: ‘Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one,'” Michael Hiltzik reports for The Los Angeles Times.

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“I suggested in response that good intentions such as that were often thwarted by little things, like showers of money,” Hiltzik reports. “But it was 2004, an innocent time, before smart phones and video that could be downloaded on your handset, and the message of hope being wholesaled by Larry Page and Sergey Brin seemed uplifting.”

Hiltzik reports, “Now we’re in the post-iPhone era, and wouldn’t you know it? Google is a conventional company: It’s trying to monopolize a market just like a conventional Bigfoot like Microsoft would, and it’s trying to do so with the conventional corporate weapons of guile and misdirection.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Evil.


  1. Hey,,, in their defense,,, Isn’t the phrase.. “Do no evil”? There was nothing said about “Being evil”.. and then there is that cute “Mini-me”..

    Er, which one is he?

    Just a monday morning thought,

  2. @bon and everyone else.

    “Open” & “Free” are like the words “Sh*t” and “F*ck”, they have multiple / many meanings, it is how they are used in their context.

    Only thing that can be considered “Open” about the internet are standards.

    FOSS should remove the word “Free” from their name, since they support GPL. IMO just because something is “no cost” does not make it “Free”. Anything with a restriction is not truly “Free”.

    I’m not dissing GPL nor am I against it, just saying that it is not Free as in without restrictions, its no cost. So maybe FOSS should change their name to NCOSS? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “post-iPhone” in the context used here clearly means “after the iPhone began its existence.” The author’s meaning is clear in what he is saying: Things were different before the iPhone.

  4. @Adam,

    Incredibly, you both get and don’t get it.

    You were spot on when you said open and free have multiple meanings, yet failed to understand that “free” in the sense FOSS and GPL use it is NOT “no cost” but “freedom.”

    GPL and other open source licenses are (optionally) required only because of the hopelessly corrupted copyright laws in the US and most of the western countries. Authors are free to release their work to public domain if they truly don’t care who takes it and runs with it.

  5. @mossman

    Like I stated I am not against GPL or any other kind of license. I have the freedom to choose to use or support the product.
    Any restriction is not “freedom”, GPL restricts the use and terms of the software. Granted those restrictions are few, but they are still restrictions.

    FSF’s website ( uses the analogy of:
    “Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.”

    If you yell “Fire” in a crowded building, your are not protected by free speech.

    Now before you get into it, and flame me for twisting the words. I will state it again, I am not opposed to GPL, I am only saying that if its not 100% free to do whatever you want with it, then it is not free. GPL has the restriction of anything you do with it must also be GPL, that is a restriction.
    I know that the restriction is there to protect, more so then it is to hinder, but a restriction is a restriction regardless of the depth in which you are restricted.

    I only used GPL as an example of how the words “Open” and “Free” are misused. I know the FOSS jihadist will get all panty bunched over it.

  6. @Adam, I’m in agreement with you except for the “FOSS jihadist” bit. That was uncalled for. You might as well call MDN and most of the posters here Apple jihadists for fiercely believing in and defending our interests.

  7. At least Apple did the work to basically create the markets that they dominate. Microsoft, Google, and others like them want to dominate existing markets by twisting them to their own ends.

  8. Just wait until a disgruntled employee steal the personal data of millions of gmail users and sells it to the crooks.

    You have got to be insane to trust Google with your mail, what to speak of docs etc. I guess if you are stupid enough to be a Google user you deserve to be butt raped like that.

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