Exclusive photos from Steve Wozniak’s 60th birthday surprise party

Photographer and MacDailyNews Reader, Jeff Cable has posted exclusive photos from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s 60th birthday party. “Woz 6.0” has held last Friday evening “at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA.”

Cable reports, “The big challenge was to keep it a secret and to surprise Woz. This is not an easy task from such a sharp guy!”

“Janet Wozniak (Steve’s awesome wife) threw [the] surprise party… Janet told Steve that the President of the museum was going to show them a new exhibit, which had yet to open. At 6:30pm they showed up to the museum and met with the President. Janet was sending text messages the entire time to let us know their whereabouts,” Cable reports. “Thank goodness for technology!”

Cable reports, “They came down the escalator to the ground floor (where we were all hiding in one room – trying to stay quiet. Not an easy task for 100 or more people).”

Read more and see many more exclusive photos, including Drew Carey (80 pounds lighter!), Woz’s cake, and more, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Happy 60th, Woz!!!

[Thanks, Jeff!]


  1. Happy Birthday Woz. I liked the WOZ 6.0 photo. Very clever. Much like you.

    It must be great to see where your clever Apple PC invention has taken us today. So much more to come too. Happy Birthday!

  2. I’m glad Woz dumped Kathy Griffin. She is such a class act. At the Emmy’s the TV switched over to show their neat glass autograph panel they had for celebs to sign. They caught Ms. Griffin just as she was writing “Suck It!” on the panel. Nice.

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