Apple Online Store“None of the would-be competitors of the iPad have fielded a serious challenger. None of the pad-like Android devices on the market now are close to the iPad’s quality, and all are demonstrably short of features,” Roy Hendon writes for Seeking Alpha. “For the most part, they are cheap knockoffs, and all the cheapness of design and construction are apparent to anyone who picks one up.”

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“A more serious challenge is expected soon from Samsung, one of the most competent Korean manufacturers,” Hendon writes. “The Galaxy 7, pictured below, is close to a formal announcement that it will be on dealer shelves sometime in September.”

“Speaking of 7” screens, Apple is reportedly readying a 7” version of the iPad for the Christmas selling season… If Apple brings out a 7” iPad, it will put severe price pressure on most of the other vendors in this space,” Hendon writes. “Apple will begin with a large scale production run, so the economies of scale are all on Apple’s side for now. They will probably stay that way for a long time to come.”

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Hendon continues, “Apple, as usual, was way ahead of the curve in moving to this new form factor, and now the rest must play catch up — never an easy thing to do when you give your competitor almost a year’s head start.”

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