Rush Limbaugh giving away nine 64GB Apple iPad 3Gs through August 30th

Rush Limbaugh is giving away nine 64GB Apple iPad 3Gs via his new FaceBook page. Yesterday on his radio program, Limbaugh announced:

We are giving away a 64-gigabyte 3G iPad, Wi-Fi 3G iPad every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from today through August 30th. Now, these are not ordinary iPads. They are custom engraved on the back with my signature and the EIB logo. They can be purchased or obtained nowhere else but this contest on our new Facebook page. That means we are giving the first one away today. We’re going to select the first winner late tonight from among today’s entrants.

Now, the 64-gig 3G iPad is the top of the line, 3G in case you don’t have a Wi-Fi hot spot to connect to. But you don’t have to connect to 3G. I mean that’s dollars. You gotta sign up with AT&T. It’s a monthly thing, it’s not a contract. But you don’t have to. So we’re not giving away something that must cost you money. It’s optional if you want to sign up for 3G service and the iPad. It’s Wi-Fi ready, everywhere, the largest drive that is made. Now, to be entered you have to go to and look for the sweepstakes tab at the top of the page, you click on that and enter your information. The contest will also require that you press the “like” button on the page to enter. You don’t have to, but if you want to enter the sweepstakes you have to hit the “like” button. It’s a small gray box at the top of the sweepstakes entry page. You only need to enter one time and you’re in it for the chance to win any of the nine iPads that we are giving away.

So the address is We went live at about 10:30, 11 o’clock this morning, and it’s already the number five most trafficked site in all of the Internet. It’s probably higher than that now since I’ve given this first shout-out.

MacDailyNews Note: The first winner was Blake R. of Kansas City, MO.

More info, along with 20 wedding pictures from Rush’s recent wedding, which include Limbaugh’s new wife Kathryn, Bo Snerdley, and Elton John, here:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. “Please Note: Entering the sweepstakes will require authorization of the Fan Appz application. This authorization provides Fan Appz access to your basic Facebook profile information, which is used to verify the user is a Fan of Rush Limbaugh on Facebook, to record the entry, and to make sure that the user does not spam or abuse the application. Granting Fan Appz authorization to your Facebook profile will not result in you or your friends getting spammed.”

    So if the app does not verify you as a fan then you are not in the sweepstake – exceedingly dodgy!

  2. Sorry libtards. I guess you will stop using Macs since Rush loves them. I am sure that Apple appreciates his endorsement whether or not they like his politics. I think Al Gore is a complete moron, but the fact that he is on Apple’s board doesn’t keep me from using Apple products. I guess you all can wait until Obama has his free giveaway. What’s another few billion $?

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