Forbes 2010 World’s Most Valuable Brands: Apple #1

HOT Apple Computers + FREE ShippingApple Inc. “topped our ranking of the world’s most valuable brands. Worth $57.4 billion by our calculation, Apple’s brand squeaked by longtime nemesis Microsoft ( MSFT – news – people ), worth $56.6 billion. Google came in fifth with $39.7 billion,” Kurt Badenhausen reports for Forbes.

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“Apple shows how a brand can survive and thrive even when a parent company stumbles. Apple’s sales plummeted 46% over a four-year stretch in the late 1990s. The stock was trading for less than $4 (split-adjusted) in 1997 before cofounder Steve Jobs, who had been ousted, rejoined the company. The following year Apple released the iMac and has gone from one consumer success to another ever since,” Badenhausen reports. “Revenue over the past 12 months was $57 billion, net income $12 billion.”

“To identify the world’s most valuable brands, we looked at more than 100 with leadership positions in their industries,” Badenhausen reports. “With help from Jeffrey Parkhurst, managing director of business strategy at Mindshare, a WPP-owned media agency, we valued the brands by looking at brand earnings over the past three years, subtracting a charge for the capital employed and then taking a percentage of earnings based on the role brands play in each industry. We applied the average price-to-earnings multiple of the parent company to the net brand earnings number to arrive at a brand value.”

Badenhausen reports, “Tech brands make a big showing on the list with 30% of the top 50. U.S. brands dominate.”

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  1. But.. but.. but….
    Windows is more secure OS than OS X…
    Android our sell iOS…
    How are they going to compete with us….
    Who will want a $600 phone with no plastic keyboard….
    and so on…

  2. Stories like this never fail to mention that Apple almost died. Yeah, true. The only issue I have with this mention is that it’s been over 12 years since Apple was run by idiots who almost drove the company into the ground. Except for one minor blip in revenues back in 2001, Apple has been hitting home runs ever since.

    The media morons cannot seem to let go of the fact that Apple was once floundering, and feel like they must bring it up at every opportunity.

    Anyhow, at least Forbes took a more scientific approach to their findings here rather than base it on popular vote.

  3. @ liopapa

    I agree. Why is it always mentioned that apple nearly lost everything back then, yet whenever a press article is written about Microsoft, it never says…

    “The once powerful and mighty Microsoft, now on the verge of being destroyed by a visionless imbacile, Ballmer…”

    MS have never had any product vision, but now they have even lost vision of how to corner a market (thankfully).

  4. liopapa, from almost dead $4 to $260 now and $400 to $500 next year to … It brings out the accelerated growth. I have not heard when they thing Apple will pass Exxon.

    The giant is awake and starting to run. Tsunamis coming! One after the other for several years. Soon Apple will be sucking up or creating new markets several times a year.

    These talking heads really don’t understand what Apple and Steve Jobs are doing. They have established the foundation for the worlds largest corporation!

  5. You’re right, but I think most of them do so to make the accomplishment Apple has made even more spectacular. Very few companies have ever returned from such a state and when you look at the big companies that have fallen out of the game recently (Palm, Dell) they weren’t/aren’t able to make the same kind of return.

    The interesting thing about Palm and Dell is how much they kind of look like the Apple of ’97. Palm got ex-Apple employees to come to the company and try and re-invigorate it back to profitability and Dell brought back good-ol Mikey (as CEO) to try and stir the company back up – both failed though. Apple certainly did not fail.

  6. Even when it was “failing” Apple’s computers were better than anybody else’s. Until the NeXT solidified. God is kind to save mankind from the atrocious hell of M$.

  7. The Microsoft “brand” isn’t worth anything. People won’t buy a product based on the Microsoft name/image alone. Their sales are driven by software lock-in/dependencies and inertia.

  8. I hope this end with the Universities accepting that Jobs philosophy is what should be tech to students in business and other schools. Jobs philosophy: “Our principal objective is make the best product, as a consequence of that people will like it, and as consequence of that we will make money.”
    I mean, if you believe in that and do not think money is the primary objective, you will see better results. You wont need to compete with price.

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