Yoko Ono: ‘Don’t hold your breath’ for The Beatles to appear in Apple’s iTunes Store

iPod Superstore“Don’t hold your breath waiting for Beatles songs to go on sale at iTunes or other online retailers, Yoko Ono said on Thursday,” Dean Goodman reports for Reuters. “‘(Apple CEO) Steve Jobs has his own idea and he’s a brilliant guy,’ Ono, the 77-year-old widow of John Lennon, told Reuters. ‘There’s just an element that we’re not very happy about, as people. We are holding out. Don’t hold your breath … for anything,” she said with a laugh.'”

Goodman reports, “Ono said her comments did not necessarily reflect the opinions of the three other equal shareholders in Apple Corps — McCartney, bandmate Ringo Starr and Olivia Harrison, the widow of George Harrison. But she added that the infamous rancor of the past has been replaced by smooth consensus because ‘we’re older and more experienced.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If the business motive of Ono et al. was to get the the point where nobody gives a shit anymore, it’s been a brilliant success. They missed their window of opportunity by several years already. Whenever, if ever, they finally debut on iTunes Store, it’ll be to yawns and more than a few chuckles at their incredible tardiness.


  1. Solution:

    1.) Buy the remastered CD set.
    2.) Rip it in lossless.
    3.) Forget iTunes.

    4? There is no 4.
    Forget Apple Corps, but who thinks, cares or considers them.

  2. I usually would agree with the MDN take on things, and acknowledge I may be correct, but have The Beatles not successfully released and re-released newer editions of older albums – whether it be through digital remasters or several collector editions/box sets? Were the Mono/Stereo re-releases from a year or two ago not a success? I’m pretty sure that if/when The Beatles get onto iTunes it will be made into a big enough deal to attract a LOT of people to want to buy the music (perhaps Apple will have a “re-release”, of sorts, of its own for the iTunes LP format and push a very well-done version of the Stereo/Mono box sets).

  3. Oh sure it will be a news item when they finally do release them on iTunes… For like a day or two and they’ll certainly sell a few, but like MDN says… Nobody really gives a shit any more. Just buy the stereo remasters and rip them. I’m tired of this stupid non-issue.

  4. Yoko?

    I’m decades younger than you, and I can happily wait until you shuffle off this mortal coil.

    Don’t hold your breath thinking you’ll outlast me- On second thought… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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