Apple’s iPhone posts record monthly usage share gain; growth over twice that of Android

“Upon the version 4 release, the iPhone posted its largest single-month usage gain ever in July,” Net Applications reports.

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“Global usage share jumped from .59% to June to .7% in July. In comparison, the May to June share was esssentially flat,” Net Applications reports. “However, this is a typical share pattern prior to the release of a major upgrade, since buyers hold off purchasing until the new release.”

Apple iPhone Usage Share

Net Applications reports, “In more good news for Apple, the iPhone grew usage share at over twice the pace of Android.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Net Applications collects data from the browsers of site visitors to their exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers. The data is compiled from approximately 160 million visitors per month. The information published is an aggregate of the data from this network of hosted website statistics.


  1. While the % changes are quite small it does provide one useful statistic. If NetApps numbers are reflective of worldwide internet use, this means the iPhone is used for almost 1% of all internet usage.

    That’s a big deal for a machine that isn’t a PC.

    It would also be good tot know how much in raw number pages does this percentage equate to.

  2. Wven with all those companies pumping android.

    Apple is still a threat even after just 3 years of phone design.

    “WOW, I like their plan, I like it alot! NOW COPY! COPY IT FAST!” Quote of Steve Ballmer as the investors gather outside with pitchforks.

  3. I’ve just compiled the mobile usage stats for our network for the last month.The iPhone is still the most popular mobile device visting the sites. Droid is usually 3rd or 4th, with the iPod number 2.

    It shows that despite more droids being sold, their users aren’t surfing the web as much as iPhone users. The NetApps data seems to show this is the case globally.

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