Up to 200,000 buyers benefit from Apple’s unintentional 60% off Mac mini ‘sale’

The new Mac mini - Redesigned in a very big way.“Online orders are considered as effective contracts, therefore sellers must deliver on their orders even if they have been wrongly priced, the [Taiwan] Cabinet’s Consumer Protection Commission said,” The Taipei Times reports. “The commission made the remarks in response to an incident on Friday in which Apple Inc incorrectly priced a computer model on its Taiwan online store, listing its Mac Mini at NT$19,900 (US$620), close to 40 percent of its regular price of NT$47,710.”

“The pricing error was discovered on the Apple Education Store Taiwan’s Web site at about noon on Friday,” The Taipei Times reports. “The company has not commented on the issue.”

“The price listed for the 8GB [RAM] version of the computer model — the Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server — was even lower than the 4GB [RAM] version, which is priced at NT$34,900,” The Taipei Times reports. “The error was corrected at about 7pm on Friday, but by then the site had received orders for up to 200,000 units at the incorrect price, according to local media reports.”

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  1. You know, nothing irritates me more with respect to the web, then having some disembodied voice from some shitty ad suddenly engaging and scaring the shit out of me. Even worse is when it is made to resemble a MS Windows pop-up. For crying out loud, MDN… can you please be perhaps at least a little selective with your as selection?

  2. Oh no! That sounds like the 50% (Buy 1 get 1 free) at RIMM. Maybe Dell could use this 2 for 1 as a way to keep their market share numbers up. Microsoft could have done a buy 1 get 9 free to off load those Zunes!

    Michael Dell considered giving the money back to the shareholders yet? It is way past time Michael to do the right thing and take your medicine!

  3. I wonder if Apple the company, posted on it’s Store, “Not responsible for Typographical Errors.”, if that would be one of the terms of the contract?…

    “Online orders are considered as effective contracts, therefore sellers must deliver on their orders even if they have been wrongly priced…”

    Therefore, holding Apple, the company, harmless from Mr. Web Monkey and his cronies.

  4. How is it in the USA?

    I’m European but last year I bought two big HDTV’s from Best Buy, I used all the details of an American friend of mine.

    Later that week, after I got the invoice and receipt sent by e-mail, I got a new e-mail saying the order was canceled due to error in price.

    As far I remember, I bought 2 Samsung’s 52 inches full-hd for 100$ w/ shipping.

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