AT&T to fix iPhone 4 data slowdown glitch over 2-3 week period

“AT&T Inc. plans in the next two to three weeks to gradually fix a software defect that cut speeds for customers sending data from Apple Inc. iPhone 4 and from laptop modems,” Sinead Carew reports for Reuters.

“AT&T had said on July 7 it was working with network equipment maker Alcatel Lucent SA to fix the glitch, which it said affected less than 2 percent of its mobile user base,” Carew reports. “The No. 2 U.S. mobile operator said on Monday it had begun rolling out an Alcatel-Lucent software patch that would restore uplink speeds for its high-speed data services that depend on so-called HSUPA technology [iPhone 4 is currently the only smartphone that runs on AT&T’s HSUPA network].”

“Carew reports, “‘This patch will be deployed on a phased basis over the next two to three weeks,’ AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. This has nothing to do with data usage. It has to do with upload speeds of the iPhone 4. This usually isn’t much of an issue unless you play games or have apps that you use over 3G. Most people didn’t even notice the glitch.

  2. I play Word Games with a few people in different places and noted that sometimes there are performance issues, even on Wi-Fi, so this problem is more than likely with the game servers, not the iPhone or AT&T.

    Its so easy to blame AT&T for everything, without realizing there are issues with most any carrier you use.. they may not all be the same issues, but there are problems, so get over it..

  3. “I’d question the validity of any poll that shows that ATT users are happy. I don’t know a single one.”

    It’s all relative. Cell companys all suck in my experience. ATT sucks less than the other companys I’ve used (Verizon most recently).

  4. @ NewYorkRules,

    So, what’s your sample size? 100? That’s called anecdotal evidence. It may be counterintuitive, but I know quite a few people who are satisfied with ATT. Does that cancel out your people?

    I assume from your handle you’re in NYC. I’ve heard ATT is less than stellar in NYC, but it might surprise you to learn that it works pretty well in other parts of country.

    Like AAPLguy said, does anybody really like their wireless provider? From my experience, they’re all just varying degrees of mediocre.

  5. Anyone besides me think this is awfully strange – coming when it has? Is ATT creating further confusion about the performance of iP4 to provide some cover for Apple’s historic blunder in designing a new phone with a defective antenna?

    When all this gets straightened out – if ever – I want a newly engineered phone with a good antenna AND a waiver of my two year contract with ATT since neither Apple or ATT has delivered what they promised when I purchased my iP4.

    There’s going to be a shoot out in some courtrooms over all this and both Steve Jobs and his counterpart at ATT are going to take some serious hits.

  6. @Confusion Reigns: I love the new antennae design a LOT! Just got my iPhone 4 Saturday and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the design. 2-5 bars everywhere I go including in my home in Santa Cruz California. The AntennaeGate MYTH is totally bogus. You are really living in Fantasyland to believe otherwise. All the objective reports including the facts Steve gave us on July 16th prove the new design is superior to the previous designs. And it adds a really cool industrial design to the iPhone it lacked previously. Your notion there is ever going to be a day in court over this non-issue is laughable. 

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