RUMOR: Apple Working on new video format

TiVo Premiere - Free Shipping “According to one of our sources, Apple might be preparing its weapons to become a major player in the video and TV business,” HardMac reports.

“This strategy would have several consequences. First, a transition towards better codec, dropping the efficient but CPU-consuming encoding codec H.264 for adopting Wavelet transform-type of codec which will allow even better compression rate while offering better efficiency,” HardMac reports.

“The ultimate goal for Apple would be to promote this new format to support 4 K video (up to 4096×2160,” HardMac reports. “Of course, main customers do not have necessarily a 1080 HD TV at home, so a 4K-compatible device, even less. However, Apple would be planning to enter the market from the high-end, as it did for the iPhone, and in the coming weeks/months we should see Apple products with display offering an increasing definition.”

HardMac reports, “Apple has already been in contact with companies manufacturing camera and camcorder, as well as Google, the latter having announced yesterday that YouTube would now support 4K video.”

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  1. I demand no less than a complete product recall on aTVs. Apple sold me the aTV only 37 months ago knowing full well that it could not handle this new format, which it planned to release in the future. This self-made design flaw debacle is unacceptable and is distorting the public’s understanding of the aTV.

  2. It makes sense for Apple to be working on a 4K specific format…not so much for home use in the near future, but rather for theater release. Keep in mind that the pro film business is also where Apple is at.

  3. Seriously, Steve, this is getting old fast. Another video format?

    MP4, license debacle, thanks guys (and I am looking at you, too, Apple), really!
    Pixlet, 2003, Mac only (Wavelet based) and left to die.
    Quicktime File Format, so yesteryear.
    QTVR, awesome for 360 views and interactivity… aaaand kinda discontinued.

    Just a small list of Apple’s gems.
    Oh, “F” you if you do a witty comeback with other’s codec/format lists in comparison. My snark is certainly NOT about Microsoft or others and their crap.

    MDN Magic Word: about
    ya… about that codec nonsense

  4. @Chris D
    Then what is your snark about? You’re blaming Apple because Microsoft used its previous monopolies to crowd out alternative video formats? You make no technical comparisons among codecs, but try to imply inferiority by using words like “left to die,” “yesteryear,” “kinda discontinued,” and “gems.” This kind of comment fulfills the requirements to be labeled “trolling.”

    This 4K stuff is at least 5 years away. 1080i & p have yet to mature in the market, and solving the mobile problem is a much higher priority.

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