RUMOR: Apple iTunes in the cloud definitely coming soon; Streaming music, movies; Wireless syncing

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“One of our reliable Apple sources has just filled us in on some of the company’s iTunes plans, and they’re exciting,” The Boy Genius reports. “We have been told iTunes will be getting a huge cloud capability that many people have been asking for (and logically thought would happen sooner or later).”

These new capabilities are broken down into three groups:
• Streaming music and movies from Apple’s servers to your computers, devices, etc.
• Streaming music and movies from your home computers to your other computers, remote devices, etc.
• Wireless iTunes syncing with devices

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  1. As long as you don’t use an iPhone 4 held in your hand.

    But, “relax.” Just keep paying us the monthly iTunes subscription fee like you keeping paying AT&T for dropped call after dropped call. Suckers! – Steve

  2. Johnny’s response above shows what happens when Apple PR fails to get a handle on an issue and when the tone deaf CEO starts emailing customers.

    This could quickly get much worse and tarnish everything Apple does.

  3. I hope this is true becasue I actually liked Rhapsody–I could listen to any song at any time–no ripping, syncing–but $15mo to a non-mac based/friendly UI…uh uh. To Apple…probably.

    And with the demise of SimplifyMusic I can no longer stream my iTunes library to my iPhone–my data usage has decreased significantly, but it nice to be able to do that–and it worked.

  4. can you say “subscription”?

    Cloud computing is just another way for companies to rope you into paying a monthly fee for something you previously didn’t have to pay for.

    Color me sick of the subscription business model.

  5. All you morons need to chill out and “relax” just like Steve said to. I believe that he meant that Apple is working on it and in the mean time people just need to relax a little. People are so impatient. Maybe Apple is taking some time to come up with a good permanent fix and not just a bandaid fix that other companies would do just to shut people up.

  6. S.J. is partially correct in stating “…it’s just a phone.” More accurately, it’s just a radio, and as such it is prone to all of the normal issues that any radio would have.

    On AT&T;’s end, it is the only US carrier that is capable of receiving voice and data simultaneously. In addition, AT&T;is striving to double the number of T1 lines to each cell site. In some cases, a particular site could have over 20 T1 lines. This could give every iPhone the equivalent of having its own gigabit ethernet line.

    Until another carrier can reach these speeds with the same capacity, I expect Apple to stay with AT&T;, and until we can devise a better way than electromagnetic transmissions such as Star Trek’s “Sub-space communications”…

    …it’s just another damn radio.


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