Apple’s iAds go live (with video)

“Steve Jobs himself noted at WWDC that iAds would go live for ‘all iOS 4 devices’ on Canada Day, and sure enough, they look to be popping up today. One eagle-eyed tipster has already found one within the ‘Mirror: for iPod and iPhone’ app,” Darren Murph reports for Engadget.

Murph writes, “It’s certainly quite a bit more visually soothing than some other ads we’ve seen… Have you seen any iAds creep into your apps today?”

Full article here.

Nissan Leaf iAd announcement:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Thank you, Apple, this is going to mean 1000s of jobs in New York City over the next couple years… maybe even some staff positions with health benefits like in the 90s.

  2. Of course Apple forgot to mention the other apps it could one day be added to: Safari and iTunes.

    This is the future of web and television advertising — not just mobile advertising.

  3. I’m just hoping the people here are smarter than those at MacRumors, who can’t seem to understand why this is a good thing. No one likes ads, but who doesn’t like free apps?

  4. I just installed Flash Boom, and PseudoChromatic ColorTest, but the iAds aren’t showing up. There is just a completely blank area on the bottom where the iAd should be.

    I want to experience an iAd!

    I didn’t install Mirror, since it costs $1.

  5. Now google is screw….
    It says “It uses all special features in the iphone”…
    If google want to do something similar, how they will figure it out what features are in each of the so many models of android phones out there?

    It is so ridiculous that there are more models than phones with android… lol

  6. RicMac,

    Just for the record my copy of Safari has no ads, none, zilch. I’ve loaded Adblocker, ClickToFlash and some other ad-on which escapes my memory. Not everyone likes advertisements and this is why we fast forward our dvd recorders/hds so we don’t have to watch those effing irritating ads.

    Before you start insulting people who have a different opinion than yours, maybe you should open up your closed mind and improve your myopic eyesight in the process by looking at the other side of the coin. You buy a product and then have to watch ads so you can view content. Gee, seems similar to advertisements on TV… and look how popular those are.

    Just because Apple has another revenue stream doesn’t make it gospel, it just means more clutter in our viewing pleasure. Now that’s just one opinion and everyone is entitled to have differing views without closed minded, insulting people thinking that there are a fount of knowledge when in fact they are just parading their ignorance for the world to see.

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