Dvorak: Stop the Apple iPad fanboy articles

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple’s iPad has inspired a new crop of pandering, uncritical ‘news’ stories. It has to stop,” John C. Dvorak opines for PC Magazine.

“They’re hyperventilating as they write. You can tell, somehow. They’re part of a new breed of breathless, swooning, OMG reviewers of (primarily Apple) products, services, and software. I’ve seen no evidence that they actually work for that company, despite the fact that they are mostly sycophantic promoters of all things Apple. This style of reviewing is beginning to sneak into everything,” Dvorak writes. “Are editors telling writers that this approach is okay?”

“Maybe they’re on the Apple payroll, or maybe they’re just insane,” Dvorak writes. “This non-critical approach to all things Apple needs to stop. The hyperbole is ridiculous. Perhaps everyone is fearful of the deluge of hate mail and vile comments you receive when you’re critical of an Apple product.”

Full article, with some trollish “iPad is useless” crapola, here.

MacDailyNews Take: We left out Dvorak’s stupidity in order to to focus on the reason why some people get a bit breathless over iPad: Their industry is dying around them and, gee, they’d really like for it to live, so they can continue to be employed. Get it now, John? Plus, the iPad is quite useful, thanks, regardless of the “thoughts” of an old curmudgeon who’s obviously never used one and who couldn’t even grasp the significance of the computer mouse when, along with the first Macintosh, Apple delivered one to him for review.


  1. To paraphrase John himself:
    “He (John C. Dvorak) is part of an old breed of breathless, buffoon, FUD reviewers of (primarily Apple) products, services, and software.
    I’ve seen no evidence that he actually works for that company (Microsoft), despite the fact that he is mostly sycophantic promoting all things Windows.”

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  2. No John, what’s got to stop is your incessant whining and pathetic attempts to drum up business for your paymasters at M$. Only people with an IQ that would embarrass a brick even listen to you anymore. As Dr Spooner would say, who is this shining wit?


  3. Back around 1986, Dvorak wrote that no one wanted a “WIMP interface (windows, icons, mouse, pull-down menus)”. You see, he had put an enormous investment into learning DOS and didn’t like seeing novices who could do more than he could. ” rel=”nofollow”>Poor baby.

  4. I wonder if Dvorack was got it in his thick head that the reason why people people like Apple products is because they are hi tech eye candy that actualy does what it says on the box PLUS 30% more with no fanfare. Fanboys my @ss !! It’s good reliable kit you moron !!

  5. Saw my first iPad in the wild today; the guy behind me in the iPhone line was using one. He certainly found quite a bit of use for it.

    Dvor-hack doesn’t get it, and he never will; just as the personal computer made computing accessible to the average home user, and the laptop enabled travelers to take their work on the road, the iPad opens basic functions (Internet, email, etc.) in an even more accessible and portable format.

    In my lifetime, I’ve seen computers go from installations the size of a room to something the size of a standard magazine. That blows me away…

  6. Can’t this man comment on something related to MS like…..I don’t know let’s say the Kin and how it will dominate the market now that the price has been slashed. For god sakes, he writes for a PC mag and all he can do is try to tear down the Mac for hits. His “old breed” tricks don’t work anymore, he needs to focus on his side and try to promote them instead of pointing out the competition and how it’s kicking their a$$.

    It’s like a defiant teenager that keeps arguing a dead point.

    He is truly embarrassing.

  7. Yes, the heat is on and there world is going the way of the Dinosaurs. The anger, confusion, and just plain denial is so beautiful. The more articles like this, the more I feel there time is rapidly approaching.

    Go Apple and Mr. D: don’t forget to include Windows 8 is copying Apple again. Plus, they want an appliance feel. That may put you in the an appliance called an oven. Roasted!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And PC Magazine, along with CNET, is automatically critical of all things Apple. The iPad is pretty good; I’m waiting for the next generation. I’m not an Apple groupie; I use their products because they WORK together rather well. Whatever you think of Aplle or Steve Jobs, the PC side ought to study them because the Apple ecosystem is pretty seamless – and did I say, it WORKS.

  9. But PC Editors are telling us that it is OK to hire bloated gas bag to write nonsense articles, being wrong about something almost all the time and still get away with it.

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