Lawsuit targets Apple over iPhone 4 reception issues

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff has already targeted the iPhone 4 in a potential class-action lawsuit against Apple. The firm is currently seeking out iPhone owners who have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls, and weak signals,” MacNN reports.

“Early reviews and customer reports quickly focused on reception issues that have been blamed on the iPhone’s new antenna design,” MacNN reports. “Holding the phone in certain ways is said to cause a significant drop in signal strength.”

MacNN reports, “Apple released a statement defending the iPhone design and pointing out that antenna attenuation is common to any wireless phone, depending on hand placement.”

The issue is also said to be exaggerated by misrepresentation of signal strength on the interface bars, which will be addressed in a firmware fix,” MacNN reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Your honor, we would like to present the following items:

We rest our case.


  1. Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff

    Call toll free: 1-888-285-333

    I wonder haw they felt if the 1.6 million plus new iPhone 4 owners called them and challenged their offer. If I am not mistaken, they have to pay for the ‘toll-free’ calls.

  2. I’m an attorney and I never really understood these types of class action suits. If you don’t like the phone, just return it. Now there is a re-stocking fee and the law suit could be addressing that. But we’re talking about $20. I can’t understand the economics of it.

    Anyway, Apple is sued every day and about once a year you hear about them settling a suit. The others are all dismissed. But win or lose the final resolution takes years and years and years and years….

  3. After all the problems reported from everywhere, what did you expect? I’m on board because of what Steve Jobs has done by selling what is basically a non working iPhone. Time to put a stop to the glitzy announcement followed by bullshit product.

    Note to MDN: have you guys withdrawn from this? Was some renegade on duty last week when you demanded corrective action on this ridiculous problem?

  4. What is it with a small proportion of Americans? The tiniest thing wrong and you run to your lawyers. It’s been out for five days and because a few people experience – allegedly – some reception problems, you bitch and whine like a load of spoilt children. I know two people here in the UK with the iPhone 4 who have zero problems, one of whom is a lefty.

    Mind you, our mobile phone infrastructure beats the shit out of anything in the US – you folks are so woefully behind us it’s not funny. And don’t give me the argument that your country is vastly bigger than ours. Blame your telcos for inadequate investment in network capacity.

    Why don’t all those moaning minnies wait for Apple to address the problem before you start throwing lawsuits around like so much confetti. No wonder most of Europe looks at the US’s infatuation with litigation with raised eyebrows and an exasperated air. For fuck’s sake, grow up and grow a pair!

    And to the sensible 98% of Americans who have no truck with this bullshit, enjoy your new toy!


  5. To: Yes!

    You probably don’t own an iPhone 4. If you did you would likely see that your calls drop in exactly the same places they always have. I have dropped two calls with the iPhone 4, both coincidentally while it was in my right hand, but not coincidentally while I was in a ‘dead zone.’

    For a lawsuit to come out 4 days after the phone came out is ridiculous. The return period if your coverage is bad or you don’t like the phone is 30 days. Unless it’s been changed with this model, there is not even a restocking fee. What exactly are the ‘losses’ that iPhone 4 users have suffered?

    If a month passes, it turns out to be an actual hardware defect, and Apple refuses to do anything about it, then get all uppity. Until that happens (and it won’t), STFU.

    To MDN: Thanks for toning down your rhetoric. Yes, something needs to be addressed about the issue, but righteous indignation about it was unbecoming on you.

  6. Yes!,

    We demanded action when Apple reportedly said in a statement that iPhone 4 users should “simply use one of many available cases” and an email reportedly from Steve Jobs stated that users should “Just avoid holding it in that way.”

    If this actually is Apple’s official stance then we stand by our assertion 100%:

    “If the iPhone 4 requires a ‘case’ or rubber ‘bumper’ in order to operate properly, then Apple should provide one in every box free of charge.”

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