U.S financial reform bill forces Apple, others to disclose use of ‘conflict minerals’

“Hi-tech companies could be forced to admit whether they’re buying minerals that fuel violence in Congo,” Emma Woollacott reports for TG Daily. “Friday’s Financial Reform Bill includes an amendment that requires companies to make annual disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission about the origin of minerals used in cellphones, computers and other electronics products.”

“The amendment was introduced by Senator Sam Brownback, and was acecpted without opposition. It aims to counter the use of ‘conflict minerals’ which are believed to be generating funds for violent militias in Congo,” Woollacott reports. “The move coincides with a new advertisement from campaigning group Enough Project which spoofs Apple’s famous ‘I’m a Mac … And I’m a PC’ ads.”

Woollacott reports, “Enough Project claims that the purchase of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, has supplied $180 million to the four militias involved in the conflict. Five million people have been killed in the last ten years, and hundreds of thousands of women and girls raped.”

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  1. This is a prime example of moral masturbation at its best. You get off, you feel good, and in the end, nobody else is hurt.

    While this campaign sounds wonderful (who would argue against its nobel end goals?) the simple fact is that these are commodities. When you buy gold, it could have been resold, remelted, transported etc. 19 different times and washed through so many shell companies, it doesn’t make a dang bit of difference. And that is before you consider the absolutely rampant corruption in Africa and the manufacturing sector of east Asia.

  2. OK, so let me get this straight:

    If the world’s electronics companies would simply cease buying said “conflict minerals,” there would be less (or no) funds for the violent militias of Congo. And THEN there would be peace in the region?

    That is, without Western money funding the tribal hatred that has existed in central Africa for millennia, love and harmony would automatically burst forth among all the peoples there?

    Wow. Who knew? Ya’ learn something every day.

  3. Sigh is right. These guys are such a bunch of pus sacks.

    We have got to get the idiots in Congress on a 2 week per year session.

    No career politicians allowed.

    Legislation can be no longer than 10 pages.

    It must be written in simple English.

    Once it is proposed, you cannot know who proposed it.

    It cannot contain riders.

    You are not allowed to discuss the legislation with other Congress people directly, ONLY WITH THE CONSTITUENTS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING…

    No lobbyists.

    You are only reimbursed for expenses while Congress is in session, no 6 figure salaries and perks.

    No congressional aids to rape.

    You don’t even go to freaking Washington.

  4. The really sad thing is we get bombarded with so much crap that even when they might have a point, no one cares anymore! You just want them to go away!!!

    Give them an SUV to deface and put them on a slow boat to nowhere.

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