Fortune hack: iPhone 4’s reported problems may scare prospective iPhone buyers over to Android

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“The iPhone 4’s reported problems may scare prospective iPhone buyers over to Android,” Seth Weintraub blathers for Fortune.

“As my colleague, Phillip Elmer-DeWitt reported this weekend, the iPhone 4 has a significant issue that might be able to be fixed with a software update, it might not. We’ll see,” Weintraub wishes. “But that’s only one of the many issues that new iPhone owners are griping about. Even though Apple (AAPL) today reports selling an incredible 1.7 million iPhones since launch, the iPhone 4 shortcomings may open up a door for Google’s Android.”

Weintraub lies, “Besides the ‘Death Grip’ issue which occurs when you hold the iPhone normally with your left hand, Apple also moved the proximity sensor above the speaker in the iPhone 4 causing many users to drop, hold or mute calls accidentally. Additionally, the front and back glass screen has been accused of making the iPhone fragile as well as being easy to scratch. Finally, the yellowing of pixels and other strange manufacturing errors have emerged. The iPhone 4 is flawed… Apple, the company that could do no wrong, has released a flawed piece of hardware, no matter how beautiful and thin it is. You’d have to be pretty drunk on the Apple Kool Aid to deny that. “

Full FUDfest – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hope springs eternal in knockoff-land, where delusional Apple-haters line up to have their hopes dashed daily while handicapping themselves with inferior, derivative products. This about it this way: It’s a good thing Weintraub doesn’t have a real job doing something important where people’s safety, money, or health is at risk. All he’s capable of killing right now is his own credibility while wasting a few minutes of people’s time with his laughable, yawn-inducing claptrap.


  1. Odd that he thinks that the only way to open the door for Android is for Apple to have issues. So when the iPhone 4 is flaw-free (most users have had this experience from what I have read), then Google will have no chance?

  2. At the risk of MDN wrath, there does seem to be a disturbing trend of rather major issues that one would think would be addressed in testing somehow making it out the door on shipping products and they always seem to be networking related. If it’s not the unreliable wifi of the iPad, it’s signal strength on the iPhone 4. You can’t tell me Apple didn’t know about these issues.

  3. Apple didn’t know about these issues. There, I told you.

    Every product has defects. Articles such as this exist because Apple just shipped the best opening seller in phone history and Droids and Apple haters are getting their ass kicked.

    You don’t see Forbes foaming at the mouth over Kin defects do you?

  4. What a pile of utter shite! People like Weintraub shouldn’t be allowed to breathe, let alone prognosticate on matters that they have no concept of. A few minor problems, all of which are solvable with a software update and every moronic “journalist” pops out of the woodwork and claims it’s a disaster for Apple. Who the fsck pays these cretins?



  5. My iPhone 4 is the phone I have ever had. I have had every single iPhone to come out with the exception of the 3GS. This last phone is astonishing.

  6. OK, read the article and some comments, this one made me seriously laugh..
    “@ Brian – “As an Iphone user I am seriously considering switching to a Droid phone.”

    It’s a free country brother. You are also free to seriously consider switching from filet mignon to cat food.”

    Pretty much sums up the Droid experience.

  7. This really pisses me off!! If you don’t like Apple or the iPhone that’s fine but don’t resort to lies and scare tactics just because it kicks Androids butt!! I believe that anything that comes from Apple is very secure, besides do you really think that Android is the least bit secure with it’s malware and spyware in it’s apps and Googles ability to install and uninstall apps without the users knowledge or consent? This guy is a total moron!!!!

  8. This is as rich as a blog post from a former Adobe executive… who said, get this: less than 1% of mobile phone users are using an iOS device.

    What a great way to end a Monday, reading stuff like this.

  9. A handful of those Android buyers are probably wavering between the iPhone and an Android device. But most of them are planning to buy an Android phone anyway.

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